Jameel Ahmad

Jameel Ahmad

Chief Analyst Compare Broker

Jameel Ahmad is an expert on international financial markets following a decade of professional experience in the brokerage sector.

Jameel started his career within the field as a Currency Analyst before later becoming a Chief Markets Analyst, Global Head of Currency Strategy and Markets Research, Director of Investment Strategy, and Chief Markets Strategist.

Jameel’s focus is global currencies (including majors and emerging markets fx), world markets, commodities such as gold and oil, emerging markets, major stocks, and cryptocurrencies. He is also fluent across global macrofinancial issues, covering topics not limited to geopolitics and the latest trends affecting the macro economy.

As an official corporate spokesperson and voice/face of an international brokerage, Jameel travelled globally on media tours and meeting staff at various overseas offices.

His expert market analysis has been picked up by both global and localised tier-one media outlets, such as Bloomberg, CNBC, Financial Times, MarketWatch, Reuters and the Wall Street Journal. He also frequently appears on broadcast television media from Al Jazeera, BBC World News, CNBC, CGTN, France 24, TRT World and Reuters.

Jameel received the prestigious Iacocca scholarship to represent the United Kingdom at a leadership and cultural training program in the United States in 2012 and was later selected as a delegate for the United Kingdom at the 2013 Education without Borders Conference in the United Arab Emirates. In 2022, Jameel achieved a Distinction in his Masters in Global Political Economy from City University in London.