Felipe Barraza

Felipe Barraza

Financial market editor FXStreet

Short Bio

Felipe Barraza was born and lives in Santiago, Chile. After a couple of years of studying science and
engineering, he finally decided to study economics. Graduated with honours from Universidad
Alberto Hurtado, continued with postgraduate studies in economics and specialized in
economic consulting of raw materials. In 2016, he obtained his English language certification in
Toronto, Canada.

Felipe is a certified trader from Universidad Viña del Mar, in Chile. His strength as a fundamental
and technical analyst stands out, especially in the foreign exchange market, ferrous and non-
ferrous raw materials, and agricultural commodities.

Current work at FXStreet

Felipe is starting his duties in FXStreet as a financial market editor in LATAM to cover the foreign
exchange market. He faces this new challenge with more than 8 years of experience as an
analyst of raw materials and international markets.

Previous financial experience

Felipe has experience writing economic consulting reports using fundamental analysis for steel
and iron ore futures. Lately, he has added technical analysis to analyze agricultural commodities,
metals and exchange rates.

Educational background

M.A in Economics from Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile.
Certified Trader from Universidad Viña del Mar, Chile.

Top content

  • "Importancia de la demanda de acero en provincias y zonas de China" in Revista Acero Latinoamericano, N°555, p.14-24., marzo-abril, 2016.

Extra-curricular activities

Felipe likes to spend time with his family, cook, visit new restaurants in the city, and relax in the
family country house. He also has interests in philosophy, psychology, and history, which account
for most of his reading topics. His favorite activities are investing and trading, which he studies in
depth to continue learning and improving his personal asset management.