Efthivoulos Grigoriou

Efthivoulos Grigoriou

Head of Global Research and Analysis JFD

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Efthivoulos Grigoriou joined JFD Brokers in late 2013. He is a leading Strategist and investment specialist applying global micro – macro approach to investing in G10 currencies. His technical strategy focuses on Dow Theory, sentiment indicators and Elliott Wave. Rated analyst in FX and US Equities; well versed in commodities and alternative assets. Generate daily, weekly, monthly forecasts and strategy for G10 currencies, metals (gold, silver), crude oil as well as indices. Experienced analyst of global economies and markets with particular expertise in United States and Europe.

Prior to joining JFD Brokers, he was a technical analyst at a number of well-known securities firms. Efthivoulos regularly draws upon his extensive experience to help traders with understanding the data needed to observe currencies that are showing trends, easily identify patterns and predict future price activity.

Holding a B.A. in International Business with minor in Economics from Strayer University in the United States, Efthivoulos is also an associate member of the Society of Technical Analysts (STA) and the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). He is a Certified Financial Technician (CFTeII) under both STA and IFTA.

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