Carol Harmer

Carol Harmer

Founder Charmer Trading

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Carol Harmer has over 39 years experience of analysing and trading the world's markets and is undoubtedly one of the most respected technical trader in the world today. Her career started in the early eighties, trading futures on the floor at The London International Financial Futures Exchange where she quickly discovered Technical Analysis as a way to maximise profits.

She was one of the first traders on LIFFE to discover and study this form of analysis and quickly became widely recognised as an expert in its use as well as highly profitable.

In 1996 Carol launched 'Charmer Charts Ltd' to train independent traders in technical analysis and became the first person to provide daily forecasts for the established traders on the LIFFE floor. She returned to the floor, trading her own account, and advising traders throughout the day and continued her appearances on Bloomberg, CNBC and Reuters financial TV where she provided her valued, expert opinion on the direction of financial markets.

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