Andrew Pancholi

Andrew Pancholi

Founder and CEO Market Timing Report

Andrew Pancholi is a world-renowned trading expert specializing in market timing.

With over 30 years of experience in navigating the financial markets, he is the creator of the highly acclaimed ‘Market Timing Report’ (MTR). The MTR is based on output from the proprietary Cycles Analysis software system that Andrew built and uses to predict turning points in markets way ahead of time, right down to months, weeks and even days. When combined with seasonality, Commitment of Traders data, sentiment or fundamental analysis , these timing points provide highly accurate low-risk setups.

Andrew gained his expertise by the lifelong study and development of the strategies and theories created by some of the trading industries' greatest names such as W D Gann, Edward Dewey and Ralph Elliot (Elliot Wave). He is a renowned author, assisting in cataloging the official W.D Gann material. He has co-authored the book W.D.Gann's Unpublished Coffee Course. He is the co-author of the Number 1 bestselling book Zero Hour.

Down to the day forecasting is commonplace for Andrew. His followers were given the date of the 2020 market high weeks in advance. He called the major commodity bull markets of 2008 and 2010 as well as the 2007 Global Financial Crisis and many other events. Both profiting and also helping others build wealth from being on the right side of major market events, his forecasts include the forthcoming currency crisis and commodity bull market as well as the modern-day revolution that is hitting the USA. The Market Timing Report Trading Courses have received rave reviews. His work has been recognized and he sits on the Board of The Foundation for The Study of Cycles. The Foundation was set up by the US Presidency in the 1940s.