The Trader's Bookshelf: "The Bull, the Bear, and the Baboon" with Winsor Hoang

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Are you interested in buying Winsor Hoang's "The Bull, the Bear, and the Baboon"? Watch this presentation and discover what you can learn with this excellent book At we are always in search for those books that provide the best value to the currency trader. In this is book review series we introduce new and old books from our selection. Winsor HoangDuring the 7th session of this series, we've presented the book: "The Bull, The Bear, and The Baboon" by Winsor Hoang. Winsor Hoang has over 12 years of practical market trading experience including stocks and Forex trading. Winsor Hoang is familiar to many investors as the founder of a managed Forex accounts business, He has also been featured in several prestigious newspapers, such as the Wall Street Journal and the Dow Jones. The Bull, The Bear, and The Baboon looks inside the currency trading market through the eyes of seven people, each with different reasons for becoming a trader. Their individual stories and the ways in which they interact and influence each other provide the reader an eye opening portrayal of the trading world. Both entertaining and informational, this book reads like a suspense novel and, at the same time, offers practical advice to both the novice and experienced investors. It is a captivating narrative story in what is typically a nonfiction, educational genre. Winsor Hoang was with us on to talk about his book! This webinar is comprised of an introduction by Gonçalo Moreira followed by a completion and some basic teaching, as well as a Q&A session with Winsor Hoang himself. More information about the book