How To Use The MACD, With Jennifer #1: Introducing The MACD And The Hopper

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Independent Trader Jennifer Thornburg offers a 7-session webinar series bout her best trading strategies using the MACD indicator.

Introduction to the MACD indicator and the basics of how it works.

Introduction to The Hopper, the simple but  powerful MACD signal for identifying trade opportunities in the market.

Jennifer Thornburg has been trading Forex since the beginning of 2001. She spent 6 years traveling to various locations within the United States where she studied under gurus and mentors. After 6 years of learning, she put together her own trading strategies from the various techniques she mastered.

Watch the chapter 2: How To Use The MACD, With Jennifer #2: MACD For Momentum And Direction

Watch the chapter 3: How To Use The MACD, With Jennifer #3: 2 Moving Averages Give Context To Price Action

Watch the chapter 4: How To Use The MACD #4: MACD - Sometimes A Point Of Entry, A Stop-Loss, A Profit Target

Watch the chapter 5: How To Use The MACD #5: The Reverse Trigger Finger Is The MACD Counter-Trend Trade Signal

Watch the chapter 6: How To Use The MACD, With Jennifer #6: The prime setup of Mondays; and the MACD close