FXS JOBS - Full Stack Software Engineer 2+ years of experience

  • Position
    Full Stack Software Engineer 2+ years of experience
  • Department
  • Reference
  • Mission
    FXStreet is currently looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer with at least 2 years of experience.

  • Duties
    70% Develop and Design new features of the system.
    10% Assist to SCRUM meetings.
    20% Bugs resolution.

  • Skills & Desired Background
    This is what you will need:
    At least 2 years of experience working as a software engineer.
    Strong understanding of POO is a must, DDD and Clean Code are the two pillars of the department.
    Problem solving mind oriented.
    Excel skills in C#, Javascript, Angular or React.
    Attention to detail.
    Good communication skills.

  • Bonus points
    Contributed to an open source project.
    RESTful API experience.
    Cloud Environment experience (Azure / AWS / GCP).
    Attention to detail.
    Can surprise us with something else.

  • Our technology stack
    Cloud Computing: Azure Cloud - We have all our infrastructure hosted in the cloud. -Database, queues,, microservices (hosted in web apps, serverless apps or Kubernetes),...
    DevOps: Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) using Azure DevOps
    Backend:.NET Our microservices are developed using .NET Core. Our legacy APIs are developed using .NET Framework.
    Frontend: We have several frameworks, depending on the project. All new features for our website are developed using React, while our BackOffice is a SPA developed with Angular.
    Mobile Apps: Our iOS and Android apps are developed using Xamarin Forms (from a single shared C# codebase)
    Databases: Relational - Azure SQL Database and SQL on Virtual Machine. Non-Relational (NoSQL) - Azure Cosmos DB.
    Testing: Unit, Integration, Component, Contract, End-to-End, Load and UI (mobile and web) tests.
    Agile methodologies: Scrum inside the IT department / Kanban for coordinating various company departments.
    Monitoring: NewRelic - Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Log Management.

  • About FXStreet
    FXStreet is the leading website in the retail Forex information business. It offers information and news about the forex and cryptocurrencies markets, covering information worldwide 24 hours a day, seven days a week.