13 Valuable Trading tips

  1. BE PREPARED & FOCUSED before you strike.
    You need to stay focused, zone everything out and concentrate on nothing but what you are doing, that way you can make every strike count. 

  2. CONSTANT TRAINING to learn automatisms.
    This is important for the times when you are under big pressure because you will be more confident and you will know how to react under stress because you have trained for it!

    You need to make a plan with specific directions, criteria, risk limits, which brings me to my next rule, where you have to stick to your strategy!

    Sometimes you need to make tough decisions in order to succeed in the long term: you have to respect your risk limits, cut your losses, run your winners, and in other words, always be disciplined!

  5. You need to SLEEP.
    You can’t play well if you don’t sleep enough. Likewise, you can’t think carefully without a good rest at night. That’s why you really need to conserve your energy and be fit for trading.

  6. Learn to HAVE PATIENCE.
    A match lasts 90 minutes, and there are plenty of opportunities to score goals. Don't make hasty decisions. If you risk more and lose, you are likely to become emotional and start making bad trades.

  7. Be AGGRESSIVE if you know what you’re doing.
    Unskilled or reckless tackles don’t help. Leverage is the same: higher rates of leverage aren’t your enemy, but you have to know how to use them properly. 

    You can’t win all the games. But you can learn from your losses. You should analyze what went wrong, and apply it to the next game or trade.

    If it was that easy to be a successful professional footballer, everybody would be doing that. But it’s not: you need have a winner mentality, always train harder, always push yourself more.

  10. Team play and LEADERSHIP are very important.
    Being a good leader has been one of my priorities throughout my footballing career, especially as captain of the National Team. 

  11. It’s alright to TAKE A SHORT BREAK.
    Football is my passion, but even I, sometimes, need to take a short break. If you’ve been trading too much lately, and you are not sure where the market is going, take a break. 

  12. BE OPEN to the unknown.
    Nothing is certain in any game. For forex traders, this means that you need to minimize risk but it also means that you need to be prepared mentally for unexpected movements.

    Trying to score too early is a common mistake because players often don’t realize that earlier isn’t always better. You need to cut your losing trades early, but you have to run your winners!

Disclaimer: Nothing in this communication contains, or should be considered as containing, an investment advice or an investment recommendation or a solicitation for the purpose of purchase or sale of any financial instrument.