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Tradeproofer is a forex traders' community that offers unique execution quality monitoring and benchmarking services for forex traders and forex brokers alike. TradeProofer also calculates total-cost-of-trading and helps traders to find the most competitive brokers that fit to their trading style. Tradeproofer community covers over 40 forex currency pairs, members share their data feed from 90+ forex brokers.

Trade Price-Checker

Traders can benchmark their trade execution sec-by-sec between their broker and a wide range of other brokers. MT4 users can proof all their trades automatically against broker scams and poor execution by running TradeProofer's custom EA on their tradestations.

True Cost of Trading Calculator

Traders can feed in their trading style and our cost calculation engine will fetch a simple broker ranking. Each broker is displayed with its monthly cost. The calculation includes brokers' commission schedule (if any), and is based on factual spread data captured by community members.

How good is your broker? Let’s find out!

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