Lloyds TSB Financial Markets

Lloyds TSB Financial Markets

Trevor Williams, Chief Economist, Lloyds Bank Wholesale Banking & Markets, leads an Economic Research team dedicated to providing up to date and in depth analysis of economic, financial and industry issues that affect our customers.

This team of product experts, economists and structuring experts share their in-depth analysis and reports to give customers the financial insight they need to respond to constantly changing market conditions. This commitment assists our customers’ risk management and business performance through regular reports and updates, which can be accessed daily online.

Trevor and his highly regarded team of economic experts were recently voted the 2011 top UK economic forecasters by Bloomberg, and regularly contribute to our own portfolio of publications, which includes: Long View, FD Gameplan and Perspective.

As a member of the Institute for Economic Affairs Shadow Monetary Policy Committee, Trevor and his team are also regularly invited to comment on the economy in leading national and international financial media.

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