Tomas Cedavicius is a founder of in 2008 and is continuing to offer more services and tools for investors. In 2009, was improved and a new website with more information launched in order to present the data in more clearer way and easier understandable. is an improvement of older website, it is providing a wider range of trading pairs including oil,gold and also stocks market.

With today's modern technology reaching incredible highs, forex market became very accessible. Any information about latest changes in the market it is at your finger tips. In fact now you can find so much information that practically to observe it, analyze it, and take a right decision requires some time. For the professional people it is just normal day job, but for private investor or trader it requires some determination.

Our website is designed to help private investors to save some time and effort. We analyze the market; offer our suggestions for the current situation and choosing the currency pair that in our opinion will do very well. We do not give strict recommendations buy or sell, in other words we do not suggest jumping in and out of the market. Reason for that is what we have got different approach to the market. Our task is stable grow of the trading account.
Our decisions to go long or short based on psychological view to the market. We do believe that market is moved by the traders. Technical and fundamental analysis can bring excellent results if properly used, but we would like to state, that for us Price and activity on the market plays biggest role in our decision to take some action. About our approach to the market, members will be able to read more in our articles section.

We do show our trades in the real time and this website could be used in to ways: one way is simply copy us or another way is to use this website as instrument for the market's psychological outlook, which can be incorporated in anyone's trading strategy.

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