Plamen Stoyanov

Plamen Stoyanov

Chief Financial Analyst Trendsharks

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Plamen started his career on the global capital markets in 2012 when he began trading with financial derivatives. Plamen's background in the market was enhanced by his political economy studies, which gave him deeper understanding of the way the international exchanges function. His side interests of psychology and philosophy have also presented him with a unique perspective on the role that emotions play in people's decision-making processes, which he utilises masterfully in his first book "Bulls, Bears and Sharks". It offers readers the chance to grasp the profound psychological determinants in trading.

For the last two years, Plamen has been working as the Chief Financial Analyst and content writer for, which is a service dedicated to providing well-informed analyses of the current developments in the global capital markets.

In addition to the psychological aspect of trading, Plamen also specialises in technical and fundamental analyses. His deeply-analytical takes on the current geopolitical trends represent a crucial component of his detailed examinations of the markets.

Plamen has a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations and Economics from the University of Aberdeen.

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