This follows along from last week.

I was looking for a low March 8 to March 12. The low was March 8th. We are now in the bounce. I’m expecting a change in trend in the SP500 and also Gold on March 20, 21 +- 4 tds

On further review the 4 year low may have been Feb 19, 2018 or December 24, 2018 or it is still forming.

The change is due to a chart I saw some time ago. I believe this was from Bill Meridian. It shows a Mars, Vesta conjunction approximately every 3.9 years.


This does look like the Primary cycle low (18 week) on Dec 24, 2018.

Volatility should continue although probably moving down after this coming week. Longer term I’m expecting bigger moves and changes from 2020 through 2023.

Jupiter square Neptune which we have mentioned numerous times may be the real problem as these planets in aspect can be quite inflationary. There are also large debt problems in many countries, companies and individuals. One of the reasons I’m looking at Gold here is Inflation coupled with the above debt problems. This may be pointing to serious financial problems late 2019 or 2020.

Gold From last week. “When the pullback is complete, I’m looking for Gold to move up into mid-March”. The move up into mid-March is complete. We may see another pullback then another rise in Gold/Silver over the next few weeks. Precious metals may turn on March 21 +- 2 tds.

We are in week 16th week of the Primary cycle.

Crude's  Crude started up on Dec 24. This should be the Primary cycle trough and we are entering the 11th week of the Primary cycle. I’m looking for a move down in Crude.



The Primary cycle trough was on Dec 24th 2018. We are currently entering the 11th week of a new Primary cycle. This is also 55 Fib along. The Primary cycle is approx.18 weeks and is typically composed of 3- 6 week sub-cycles or 2-9 week sub-cycles. This Primary cycle put in a Primary top on March 4th the 9 week.

The Price moving averages, the 15 day sma is just under price and above the 45 day sma which is turning up. Notice price hit resistance at the 200 day sma.

The 15 day sma is red, the 45 day sma is blue and the light blue is the 200 day sma. Also note price just touched the Fibonacci retracement at 78.6%. Note; the normal Fibonacci retracement levels are 23.6%, 38.2%, 50.0 %, and 61.8%.

One can also use extended retracements which typically use the square roots of one of the above. So, I also use SqrRoot(61.8) = 78.6  and SqrRoot(78.6) = 88.6

Note the recent high on Feb 25, 2019 then Mar 4, 2019. The highs were stopped at the 78.6% retracement. Watch this early in the week. Remember we are near the end of the 10 week cycle.

The recent move down to the Primary low was timing the 18-week Primary cycle and a 2 year cycle. The longer term cycles (2 year) can distort the shorter term cycles (18 week). As noted above we may be seeing the 4 year cycle low later in the year although it could have been at the Dec 24 low.

September 21, 2018 seems to be the crest of the last Primary cycle and may have been the cycle high for the 4 year cycle.

The following dates may have significant moves or start of a move. The following aspects are for a reverse in trend or large range day.

March 13        Sun square Jupiter

                        This will highlight the Jupiter / Neptune square  aspect and can be                               quite inflationary.  There are also large debt problems in many                                 countries, companies and individuals.

March 14        Mars trine Saturn

                        This is a war aspect often dealing with frustration, blockages and                                blocked energies.

March 20        Mars trine Pluto

                         A powerful aspect which may involve war as well. This can manifest                           as destructive power or moves in the market (SP500).

                      Also the Sun enters Aries on March 20, the spring equinox. This is one                       of the powerful Cardinal points along with 0 degrees Cancer, Libra and                                                           Capricorn.

March 21        Venus square Mars

                        Positive for a change in trend for Gold and Silver. Looking for a move                        and probably  up.

March 28          Mercury turns Direct.

                          This can cause market fluctuations, confusion, problems with agreements.

The above aspects are for the next couple of week. A list of powerful outer planets aspects follows. They will be covered in detail as we approach them.

Mercury Retrograde

This week we have Mercury turning retrograde on March 5th. The inferior conjunction between Mercury and the Sun occurs on March 14th and Mercury turns direct again on March 28th. Since this is the inferior conjunction it is also the heliocentric conjunction between the Sun and Mercury. There can be a change in trend at any of those dates.

This Mercury retrograde period is occurring in late Pisces, a mutable water sign. Mercury also rules communication, commerce and trading, that is buying and selling. It has a reputation for problems, both communication, contracts and wrong decisions or choices.

The Mercury retrograde period is known to be volatile. There is potential for increased volatility and problems for both the Retrograde and Direct dates.

Any aspects, like those noted above are a minimum of 3 tds (trading days). Longer term aspects will be noted separately. The following list are planet aspects. There will also be Eclipses, Fixed stars, cycle charts and other Astrological items.

Longer Term Aspects

2019    Jupiter square Neptune

2020    Jupiter conjunct Saturn

            Jupiter conjunct Pluto

            Saturn conjunct Pluto

2021    Jupiter squared Uranus

            Saturn square Uranus

2022    Jupiter conjunct Neptune

Jupiter square Neptune will be with us for most of the year. Due to retrograde motion Jupiter will square Neptune 3 times. This combination can point to an increase in spending, inflation, currencies and potential debt problems and bankruptcies. This could be on and off all year. Neptune alone is about illusion and delusion. Jupiter can be very favorable but tends to overdoing things.

See the Bradley Indicator at the end of this section.

If the current volatility continues watch for a cycle turn during the next 2 weeks. Remember I’m looking for Gold and Silver to move up near March 21 +- 2tds.

The following daily chart of the SP500 is what we have been showing under the 24 Harmonic chart. This is the basis of what we have been forecasting on.

Following is the 24 Harmonic chart we have shown for many months.

The Jan 2 date was a big range day. It is trying to move through the Jupiter Price line (blue)


The next hits are April 10, 2019 and May 24th.

The 4 Year cycle


The above chart shows the 4 year (red). The last 4 year cycle trough was Feb 2016. The next 4 year cycle should be Dec 2019 +- 10 months or it was Dec 24, 2018. See the chart above.

From the last few posts:

“This coming year could see an increase in geophysical activity, both earthquakes and volcanos.”

See the link under “Earthquakes”. This is an application from the USGS. Geophysical activity has been picking up.

There has been a number of volcano’s erupting as well. Japan, Hawaii, Philippines, others.

On a longer term basis the following monthly chart of the DJIA  shows the 15 year cycle (red vertical lines) and the 45 year cycle (blue lines). The 15 year is due now or took place April – June 2018. The 45 year due in Sept 2019. This is another example of a longer-term cycle possibly distorting shorter term cycles. Bear in mind they need a broad orb.


Although we do not have enough data the 45 year cycle pointing to Sept 2022 this could also be the 90 year cycle. We do not have enough data to make the 90 year call. For a 90 year cycle I’m looking at 1842 – 1932 and then 2022.

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows 2 Envelope channels. Red is the centered 

20 week envelope channel. Blue is the centered 40 week envelope channel. The dark blue squares are the Sun / Neptune square which is often a short term change in trend.

We have had this noted it was due for a sell.  Also note the dark blue squares. They are the dates of the Mars square Uranus transit.

The red averages are based on the 20 week so they are shifted 10 weeks or a ½ cycle.

I brought up Iran on the last couple of posts. I’ll come back to those charts on any potential signs of conflict. It is getting close. Watch the news for problems with Iran.


Other cycles and Astrological events are the 20 year cycle and heliocentric Jupiter in Sagittarius.

The vertical black lines are the 20 year cycle. Note the lows. It is due again near March 2022 but it needs a wide orb.

The blue x’s show when heliocentric Jupiter is in Sagittarius. This, most often, has the market moving up. The next chart shows both these items. The aspect Heliocentric Jupiter in Sagittarius came from MMA. And timing solutions.



Another cycle which will be coming up is the 65 week in the DJIA.

2019 Eclipses

See the previous blog post for more details on the eclipses. More on the July eclipse in a couple of weeks.

Date                Eclipse                                   Saros Cycle               Sign

Jan 6, 2019     Solar Partial                            122                              15Cp25

Jan 21, 2019   Total Lunar                              134                              00Le51

July 2, 2019     Solar Total                               127                              10Cn37

July 16, 2019  Partial Lunar                           139                              24Cp4

Dec 26, 2019  Solar Annular                          132                              4Cp6


The Bradley Indicator

This stock index forecasting tool was designed by astrologer Donald Bradley and published in 1947 in a booklet titled "Stock Market Prediction".

On the cover this tool is called the Planetary Barometer and inside the booklet it is called a Siderograph. Now it is simply called "the Bradley". The

Bradley is meant to forecast major and minor turning-points (where a trend will reverse) in either the Dow Jones Industrial Average or SP500 indexes. Bradley's work was obviously on the DJIA.

It does not forecast or anticipate whether that turning-point will be a high or a low. It has no polarity. The Bradley may turn up while the DJIA turns down. The amplitude of the Bradley swing is also not important. It only finds periods where trend changes occur.

It should be understood Astrologers in decades gone by who had no computers, spreadsheets, or databases to analyze data typically worked with much smaller data sets than we do today. This maybe why the Bradley worked so well when it first came out in 1947 but now is somewhat unreliable. Now, it goes through periods where it works fairly well but then can stop operating for months at a time. Originally it was for geocentric astrology (Earth centered) but there are now heliocentric models (Sun centered) and others.

In Bradley's own words:

"At no time must the reader gain the impression that a siderograph, as such, is a prediction of what the stock market will actually do. Nevertheless, observation proves that basic reversals in collective attitudes, clearly predicted by the line, are inevitably mirrored in stock averages"

So if the Bradley only identifies trend changes, what are trend changes?

- a rising market changes to a falling market

- a rising market changes to sideways

- a sideways market starts going up

- a sideways market starts going down

- a market going down changes to a rising market

- a falling market starts going sideways

The red line is the Bradley Indicator.

This blog will cover the stock market from a timing perspective. As such there will be no coverage of fundamental analysis. The approach will be to look for market cycles which are timed with Astrological cycles. When found technical analysis will be used to fine tune entries and exits. Most articles will include examples. For those who are dubious because it "just should not work", read a few posts. You may be very surprised. I am a certified accountant, computer programmer and astrologer. NORMAL STUFF The projections and information provided does not constitute trading advice, nor an invitation to buy or sell securities. The material represents the personal views of the author. Anyone reading this blog should understand and accept they are acting at their own risk. Each person should seek professional advice in view of their own personal finances.

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