Powerful combination of simultaneous harmonics

The S&P futures made an early 2018 high January 29th near 2880. In August, it broke above that high, making a top on the 29th. Since then, the S&P has declined in a steady move, dropping below 2880. This looks like a failed break out. A long term double top may be in place. 

The number 2880 is interesting, because it is 8x360, or 8 circles. Divided by 10 it is 288, 4/5 of a circle. That is the inverse of the C major chord ratio in the musical scale. W.D. Gann was a big fan of the number 8. He recommended dividing ranges by 8 to find the intermediate resistance levels. In my own astro work, I have found the 8th harmonic very strong. August is month 8. 

On the 15th of March, I talked to my brother Arden, whose birthday is August 15th. He reminded me that in 1987 the market topped in August. It topped August 25th, while I was on vacation. This year it topped August 29th, while I was on vacation. So I was currious about the interval between these two tops. 

The interval is 2.5 (5/2 ratio) Jupiter/Pluto cycles, 2 Uranus/Node cycles, 2 Jupiter/Chiron cycles, 1.6666 ( 5/3 ratio -think Fibonacci ), and 1/2 of the Pluto/Chiron cycle. Looking at the helio ephemeris for 8/29/2018 I see a Jupiter/Chiron/Node trine. The Chiron/Node side is bisected by Mercury, which is opposing Jupiter. The Jupiter/Chiron side is bisected by Venus. These bisections create frequency doubling, a precursor to chaos. 

Venus is square Uranus, and opposes the Node. Mercury opposes Jupiter, squares Mars, octiles Moon (1/8th) and Saturn (3/8). The Mercury/Venus cycle is 144 days. 144x2=288. Finally, Pluto is pentile Chiron. and square Moon. So there are harmonic of 3,4, 5, and 8. 

One of my Certified Chaos Traders (DBJ) has for some time been posting Fractal of Pi and Face of God Charts on the 24/7 Certified Chaos Trader's Room, showing a high on 9/4/2018, just a 3 trading days from the actual high. 

Nothing is guaranteed, but this sure smells like a major top.



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