JPY Weakens on Morning Session [Video]

Euro/Dollar has been traded in a total range of just 34 pips and the pair sees only half of the monthly average funds. Neutral sentiment of the traders is 1% short. Rate movement has been calm and trading passive, so both profits and losses shouldn’t be significant. Day has been calmer than usual for the Pound/Dollar as well, volatility is 46 pips and traded volume is low. Sentiment is neutral, long positions are up by 6%. Calm rate movement and slow trading approach are limiting factors here as well. Dollar/Yen has gained 44 pips and the pair stood point 32% in the green at noon. Traders have used just half of the monthly average funds trading this pair and sentiment is neutral, short positions are up by 11%. Uptrend makes a successful start of the day more likely for those who were long. Pound/Yen has moved further above the 145 level and a gain of point 34% has been posted. Turnover is low and neutral sentiment of the traders is 4% long. Yen has shown some weakness, providing profit opportunities for bulls. Euro/Yen has moved up as well and a gain of point 29% has been recorded. Traded volume is average and most of the funds were in long positions. The rate did go per those expectations and profits are very much likely.


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