Populism is sweeping across the world, or maybe not? - BBH

Analysts at Brown Brothers Harriman explained that too many believe the narrative that holds populism is sweeping across the world and in their opinion, it is not.

Key Quotes:

"Instead, it appears to be a function of the two-party system in the UK and US. The most likely scenario is that the populist-nationalists are turned back in France and Germany.  Next month's Dutch election may be a different story, but even there, a plurality for Wilder's PVV is not the same thing as securing a parliamentary majority or a referendum on the EU or EMU (that would require a change in the Constitution).   

The success of Brexit in the UK and the populism in the US is not the result of parties committed to it, like UKIP in the UK or an insurgency in the US. In both countries, the center-right party appropriated the agenda of the populists. This is not the case in the multi-party systems in continental Europe. There the center-right parties like the Republican in France and the CDU/CSU in Germany want nothing to do with the populist-nationalists, like the National Front and the AfD. Wilder's is also appears isolated in the Netherlands."