USD/CHF Long Trade by Marian's Opening Bell

This trade was carried out in Marian’s Opening Bell (M.O.B.).

The long trade was entered when the cycle trend and the Cycle Oscillator were in sync.

The Cycle # 2 called for a High on 8/09 and the Oscillator was rising with the orange line above the black line. 

The active phase of the Barydyne Signal was secondary and that called for a high on 8/22.

This, being in sync with the cycle data confirmed the long trade that was entered on 7/19 at 0.9565 and exited, on 8/09, at 0.97.  This gave a gross gain of 0.0135 or a 1.41% gross gain on the trade.

USD/CHF Cycle and CycleOscillator Chart


USD/CHF Pearson and Barydyne Signal Chart


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