Real testing time for market will start…

Wednesdays Daily Flashnews (Unedited report)

Dear Members,

On Tuesday, globally markets traded in the very small trading ranges, currencies are also remained sideways and commodities are also remained in the mix directions to bit negative. Bond prices traded negative. Last five days movements clearly indicating that Either side big move in indexes, currencies and commodities are on the ways anytime within the next 48 hours. Our next date is 21 September, which is tomorrow so wait for tomorrow, hold short positions in markets as well as in currencies. 

I am bit disappointed with gold and silver move of the last two trading days because it fail to rise is confirming that higher side will remain limited and may not cross $1359 in coming time.

Energy prices traded mix but clearly indicating that bear market may start soon, and dollar is ready formajor big move. Your focus should be on markets and currencies at this stage as big move is all set to enter in the next 24 hours, hold long in USD, shorts in markets, or long in PUT options and UVXY

Today FED will meet for rate decisions, we are recommending to get ready to sell aggressive positions in most of markets after Fed decisions and Press conference on any rise, and on other get ready to buy USD on any weakness. Get ready to sell aggressive positions in most of front line currencies as USD index is ready to rise around 8% from here in the medium term.


In the last thirty year of my career, only once I released inside of astro chart and that was on 11 February 2016 when markets started crashing. My view was very bullish on market in 2016 so stated that S&P would turn around big from 1812 level but many refused to believe, so I released above mentioned astro chart. I may release my astro chart next week which is showing most dangerous fall in the month of October 2017. If you have Feb 2016 weekly letter and you will find this above chart.

In the 2007, our astro system started providing fall in market from the Second quarter of 2007, we released strong warning of crash immediately once North Node bearish forces cross over Saturn and started pulling Saturn in its gravity, it was most dangerous astro sign that the reason we predicted many banks to fail, housing crash, worst financial crises, and crash in market worst then 1929. 

In the end of Feb 2009, North node held above Jupiter and Saturn value and it was not falling along with North Node. This was key indications for us to predict great buying opportunity because market would start of one of finniest bull market from 6 March 2009. You must read all the letters of 2009 February/March. 

2016 was bullish and reason - In January/February 2016 our astro chart was showing some weakness but still showing market moving toward new high and you can see in this above planetary movement chart but you can see astro chart that once again North Node and Saturn coming to same point around third quarter of 2017 which could trigger major fall like 1987 because same kind of astro pattern was forming in 1987 astro planetary combinations. 

I stated many times that my theory will be out once I depart from this planet. My son will release all notes and astro planetary chart positions and behavior pattern of financial markets movements. I still believe that market could fall big way unexpectedly any time from here onward, because in our weekly astro chart North Node and Saturn showing major collide and may force explosions in the financial markets. Since last three days in my astro chart theory Jupiter movement is showing complete different directions against the market movements which is very surprising because market are sitting at top high and Jupiter is showing “this is wrong trend”. 


Our next two important dates are 21 September and 14 October, you have to hold sell or short positions in market because before 30 October market will crash and fall will be huge without any bad news. It will be biggest shock to investors and even to hedge funds, big traders and FED. 

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