Financial Astrology Signal 2019 Q4 Dow Market Crashand here is the Mathematics to understand what will come next [Video]

Financial Astrology Signal 2019 Q4 Dow Market Crashand here is the Mathematics to understand what will come next.

Our astrological outlook for Dow in 2019 Q4 is a hit on 20378, 24th January, 2020, WITH A STOP LOSS ON @ 27,400, I could end up be way off on this single prediction,  but trading is not about one single trade but with lots and lots of trade of repeated set up.



And similarly, as a trader, we draw trendlines, listen to news, and have an expectation of what will happen tomorrow (your own prediction), and many retail investors have overlooked this piece of "Real-Time Confirmation of your Thinking" and keep on changing the outlook for tomorrow and blindly trade according to the momentum and sentiment, or news being circulated in the market.

As a trader, we should all have a basic forecast of the immediate future from our own analysis, then we should monitor the market for some time AFTER the analysis was made and see if the REAL TIME Market is doing the same as you thought. Once we synchronize our thought with what the market is actually unfolding, then we can start to trade the market. This will eventually help you identify the noises of the market and STOP from cutting loss when there is a false breakout of the range that the Market Maker arbitrarily makes, or irrelevant news being circulated in the mass media.

Instead, what we should all do, is have a general idea the market is going to rising or falling in this upcoming few days, and then find the repeating cycle that the market had been unfolding again and again in the market and trade with that same set up repeatedly. and Khit Wong are not responsible for any profit or loss on actions taken on the comments shared in While the comments do not suggest nor imply in any way for any trade decisions for the readers, they are all for educational purposes.

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