ECB & BOE Monetary Policy Thursday [Video]


The much anticipated monetary policy Thursday is here, so stay with us to find out more.
The high importance Bank of England monetary policy announcement opens this agenda at 11 AM. Bank rate was hiked by 25 basis points to point 75% in August, but markets are anticipating no change this time around.
The European Central Bank monetary policy announcement follows at 11:45 AM. Press conference will take place at a half past noon GMT. Investors will look to see if the ECB will slow down the pace of monthly bond buying.

It’s busy with North American reports at a half past noon GMT, including the high importance inflation statistics for August. Both overall and core inflation showed an equal increase of point 2% month on month in July.
Weekly jobless claims will be available at the same time. Initial claims dropped by 10 thousand during the week ending September the first to 203 thousand.

Canadian New Housing Price Index for July wraps up the 12:30 data run. Nationally, new house prices edged up by one tenth of a percent in June, largely due to rising construction costs across the country.
New Zealand Manufacturing PMI for August is up next at 10:30 PM. Index declined for third consecutive month in July to 51.2 to remain slightly above the 50 level.

Then it’s busy with Chinese publications for August at 2 o’clock in the morning. Industrial Output numbers will be available, as well as Retail Sales statistics and Fixed Assets Investment numbers.
I’m Kiays Khalil and that wraps up the Economic Calendar for Thursday.

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