Calm Spreads on Monday [Video]

We are back with this week's first edition of the Dukascopy Spike Controller. Euro/Dollar's daily average spread is point 38 pips and peak separation has been 1.2 pips. Rate movement has been calm so far this week and the biggest move is a rise of point 24 percent or 28 pips. Spreads were slightly bumpy yesterday at 11 PM GMT, but 1.2 pips is the most you should have been charged. Next up is the Cable, which has a daily average spread of slightly more than 1 pip. Maximum separation has been 3.7 pips. Pound/Dollar has been trending slowly South, declining by point 37 percent or 48 pips. Spreads were slightly bumpy yesterday at 11 PM GMT, but 3.7 pips is the biggest gap you should have seen so far this week. And last up is the Dollar/Yen, which has long term average and maximum spreads of point 38 and 1.2 pips respectively. The pair dropped by a total of point 51 percent or 55 pips to hit the daily low just pips above the 108 level. Despite the volatile rate movement, spreads have been mostly calm, peaking at only 1.2 pips.


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