Calm Spreads for USD/JPY [Video]

The Dukascopy TV continues its ongoing quest for fair market conditions with Wednesday's Spike Controller.

Euro/Dollar’s long term average spread is point 33 pips and peak separation of 4.2 pips was posted during the past 4 hours.

The pair gained point 42% or 48 pips, but some of the gains have been given up.

Spreads were at their highest point today at 8:39 in the morning during a decline, but 4.2 pips is the biggest separation you should have seen.

Next up is the Cable, which has long term average and maximum spreads of point 95 and 13.6 pips respectively.

Pound/Dollar has moved back above the 1 30 level as it gained point 65% or 84 pips.

Spreads were bumped yesterday at a quarter past noon GMT, but the max of 13.6 pips lasted just a single tick as the pair rose.

And last up is the Dollar/Yen, which has long term average of point 37 pips. Peak of point 7 pips took place during the past hour.

The pair appreciated by a total of point 33% or 37 pips, before giving up most of the gains.

Spreads have been relatively calm for this pair, max of just point 7 pips took place less than an hour ago.

I'm Jack Everitt and this was the Dukascopy Spike Controller for Wednesday.

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