On the face of last week’s Bank of England rate decision, it was very uneventful. Rates the same & asset purchases the same. Some investors had been hoping for a repeat of the Bank of Canada’s hawkish shift by tapering bonds and bringing forward interest rate hikes. The only dissenter to the on-hold narrative was Andy Haldane. However, he is on the way out shortly from the Monetary Policy Committee, so that didn’t register with voters.

Minutes paint a better picture

Looking at the minutes the BoE has adopted a more optimistic outlook for the UK economy. They are expecting the country’s GDP to fall by less than forecast back in February, with the low Covid case numbers and success of the vaccine rollout clearly playing a big part in this. Crucially, there is an expectation that the estimated £150 billion of savings that consumers have accumulated over the past 14 months or so will steadily be released into the economy in the months ahead.

GBP & FTSE reaction

The GBP responded in a confused fashion with the meeting and shopped around before moving higher sharply this week helped by a very poor NFP report.

The FTSE 100 was far more confident and moved higher on the higher growth forecasts. However, the sell-off in stocks has since brought in lower.


June taper

This look like a June taper can be expected now as there have been two upbeat MPC meetings in a row now. One approach would be to look for suitable technical areas to buy the GBP into the next BoE meeting. The key risk, as always, is on some kind of vaccine-resistant COVID-19 variant.

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Editors’ Picks

EUR/USD: Dollar advances ahead of Fed

The greenback advanced on Friday to close the week with gains against most of its major rivals, with EUR/USD settling just above the 1.2100 level after trading as low as 1.2092. The focus is on the US Federal Reserve monetary policy meeting next Wednesday.


GBP/USD: Brexit tensions and reopening delays to hit the pound

The GBP/USD pair edged lower on Friday but held above the weekly low at 1.4072 and settled a few pips above the 1.4100 mark. British PM Johnson expressed “serious concern” about the spread of the Delta variant. GBP/USD at risk of falling further, mainly on a break below 1.4070.


Gold tests key trend line ahead of FOMC meeting

Gold spent the first half of the week trading in a relatively tight range as buyers could not hold the price above $1,900. Following a sharp decline to a six-day low of $1,869 on Thursday, the XAU/USD pair managed to stage a recovery and closed the day in the positive territory.

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Ethereum price seems prime to revisit $3,000. Although ETH faces resistance at $2,300, the upswing seems imminent. A downswing below $2,000 could invalidate the bullish thesis. 

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Hot Inflation is warming the seat for the June FOMC

Americans are seeing the fastest price increases since their seventh-graders were born as inflation builds into the US economy from the disruptions of the pandemic lockdowns. Core CPI at 3.8% is the steepest gain in 29 years.

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