Below are 17 Currency Pair entries and targets to satisfy current weekly trades. Next time, I will post all 28 currency pair entries and targets.

NZD/USD Short 0.6772 to target 0.6709. Must cross 0.6730. Long term target 0.6882. Trade =63 pips. 

AUD/USD Short 0.7085 to target 0.7027. Must cross 0.7056. Short below 0.7117 to target 0.6978. Trade =58 pips

EUR/CHF Long 1.000 and 1.0990 to target 1.1127. Must cross 1.1085. Long above 1.1170 to target 1.1212. Long term target 1.1252. 

 EUR/JPY Long 120.64 and 120.31 to target 121.93. Must cross 121.29 and 121.61. Long term target 124.99. 

USD/JPY Long 107.46 and 107.23 to target 108.39. Must cross 107.93. Long term target 110.10.

EUR/NZD. 1.6839, above targets 1.6944 and 1.7049.

Strategy. Long 1.6576 and 1.6550 if seen to target 1.6786. Must cross 1.6629 and 1.6734. Weekly strategy.

GBP/NZD. 1.8927, above targets 1.9193 and 1.9459.

Strategy. Long 1.8461 and 1.8428 if seen to target 1.8727. Must cross 1.8561, 1.8661 and 1.8694. Weekly strategy.

EUR/AUD. 1.6049, below targets 1.5832 and 1.5724.

 Strategy. Long 1.5904 and 1.5868 if seen to target 1.6012. Must cross 1.5940 and 1.5976. Long above 1.6048 to target 1.6120. Must cross 1.6084. Short only strategy.

GBP/USD.  1.2658, above targets 1.2765, 1.2822, 1.2988 and 1.3150. Long term 1.3700's.

Strategy. Long 1.2453 and 1.2412 if seen to target 1.2610. Must cross 1.2494 and 1.2552. Long above 1.2658 to target 1.2699. Long only strategy.

GBP/JPY. Break Point 137.82, above targets 140.75, 143.68 and eventual 147.00's.

Strategy. Long 134.49 and 134.13 to target 136.35. Must cross 134.88 and 135.61. Long only strategy.

EUR/USD. Break  1.1261, above targets 1.1317 and massive lines at 1.1358 and 1.1384.

Strategy. Long 1.1205 and 1.1191 to target 1.1254. Must cross 1.1233. Long above 1.1261 to target 1.1317. Must cross 1.1289. Long only strategy.

GBP/CHF. Break  1.2557, above targets 1.2791, 1.3025 and eventual 1.3200's.

Strategy. Long 1.2235 and 1.2206 if seen to target 1.2440. Must Cross 1.2323 and 1.2382. Long only strategy.

USD/CAD. Break 1.3192, above targets 1.3307, below targets 1.2959 and 1.2843.

Strategy. Long 1.3017 and 1.2959 to target 1.3133. Must cross 1.3075. Long if seen above 1.3191 to target 1.3249. Short only strategy.

GBP/CAD. Break 1.6701, above targets 1.7061.

Strategy. Long 1.6296 and 1.6273 if seen to target 1.6521. Must cross 1.6341 and 1.6431. Long only strategy.

NZD/JPY. Break 72.81, above targets 73.66 and eventual 75.29.

Strategy. Long 71.49 and 71.27 to target 72.42. Must cross 71.93 and 72.37. Long above 72.81 to target 73.88. Must cross 73.24. Long only strategy.

CAD/JPY. Break  82.51, above targets 83.21, 83.58 and eventual 85.00's.

Strategy. Long 81.96 and 81.79 to target 82.33. Must cross 82.15. Long above 82.51 to target 83.21. Must cross 82.86. Long only strategy.

GBP/AUD. 1.8039, above targets 1.8234.

Strategy. Long 1.7721 and 1.7697 to target 1.7942. Must cross 1.7844 and 1.7892. Weekly strategy.

Trading currencies and other financial instruments carries a degree of loss and possible loss of entire investments. Please managed your own risks, stop loss, and margins requirements.

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