Trading Signals [Video]

let's get started with the Euro-Dollar pair we see mixed 3 sell 3 neutral and 2 buy we see 5 buy prompts in the midterm and 5 neutrals in the daily scale. The sentiment for this pair is bearish at close to 20% short.
next up is the cable it has green across the table 6 buy prompts in the short range and 8 green prompts in both the 4 hour and 24-hour scales. this pair is neutral at half % short Dollar-Yen pair has 4 neutrals in the short term the 4-hour chart is split between sell and neutral indicators and the daily scale has 6 red prompts. But the interbank sentiment is neutral at 11% long. over to the pound-yen pair, we see 4 green signals in both the 1 and 4-hour charts and 6 neutrals in the daily scale. the interbank sentiment here is bullish at over 17% long. and finally, we end with the euro-yen it has 5 neutrals in the short range the midterm has 6 buys and 4 sell indicators in the daily scale. The sentiment here is neutral at 6 and half % long.


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