After US treasury secretary Yellen's comments about QE tapering which sparked some major downward moves in the markets, we are now awaiting three central bank decisions from the BoE, CBRT, and Norges Bank. Despite the fact that all of them are expected to leave interest rates unchanged, investors will be looking for any indication of a potential change in fiscal and economic policy as governments continue to reopen economies and as economic data shows signs of improvement. Many central banks appear to be in a wait and see mindset as they look to others as a guide while rising inflation continues to be a key topic of discussion which continues to pressure members of these central banks who have reiterated their intention to hold off until certain parameters are reached. However, as we saw just a few days ago, while they may repeat the same narrative, it is clear that certain members of these banks are taking inflation risks more seriously than others and it could be a matter of time before their influence actually impacts the policy decisions.

Could Scottish Elections destabilize the UK economy?

While a large part of the United Kingdom will be casting votes today for the biggest elections outside of a general, one key event in focus is the Scottish parliament election. Scotland has been a topic of discussion for quite some time but things escalated with the Brexit outcome which left many scottish people and politicians dissatisfied as the majority of them voted to remain. Today’s election carries extra weight since it is widely expected that if the Scottish National Party wins, or is able to form a coalition with the green party, it would lead to another scottish independence referendum. Things have changed significantly since the last referendum and many projections indicate that if the vote were to be held again it would pass, which could lead to a fragmentation of the UK as the likely follow-up would be Scotland attempting to join the EU. While there are several variables that play into this scenario, it cannot be excluded and in fact has never looked more likely. 

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Latest Forex Analysis

Latest Forex Analysis

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EUR/USD: Teases 21-DMA support inside falling channel

EUR/USD edges lower around short-term support after five-day losing streak. EUR/USD holds lower ground near 1.1835, around the seven-day bottom, amid Friday’s initial Asian session.


GBP/USD: Hangs in the balance of NFP, breakout imminent

Cable rose as high as $1.3949 after the BoE decision but was unable to break the resistance needed for an upside continuation in the daily time frame. Cable rose as high as $1.3949 after the BoE decision but was unable to break the resistance needed for an upside continuation in the daily time frame. 


Gold on the brink of a significant breakout around NFP

Gold is now in the balance of the NFP numbers on Friday. The market is taking into consideration a more hawkish tilt at the Fed. Technically, the price is at a critical juncture and a breakout could be imminent one way or the other.

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ICON looks extremely bullish in the long-term as ICX price targets $3

A brief technical and on-chain analysis on ICON price. Here, FXStreet's analysts evaluate where ICX could be heading next as it looks ready to continue surging.

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NFPs in US is expected to rise by 870,000 in July. There is a strong correlation between surprising NFP prints and major pairs' immediate movements. Investors are likely to react to a disappointing NFP more strongly than a positive reading.    

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