Sterling Jumps Ahead of Noon GMT [Video]

It's noon GMT on this Wednesday, so let's see how traders have performed during the morning session. Euro/Dollar declined slowly by a total of 31 pips on its way towards the 1.13 level. Trading has been typical in terms of volume and the neutral sentiment of the traders is seven percent long. Gradual decline makes a successful start of the day more likely for those who were in short positions. Pound/Dollar jumped by 85 pips in a sharp rise as noon approached. The cable sees 37 percent more than usual funds and sentiment of the traders is neutral at eight percent long. The late surge has provided profit opportunities for those who were in long positions. Dollar/Yen rose gradually by 27 pips and a slight gain was recorded at midday. Traded volume is extremely low and the neutral sentiment of the traders is eight percent short. There were some profit opportunities for bulls during the gradual rise, but the calm trading approach and the narrow price movement range are limiting factors. Pound/Yen jumped by 91 pips shortly before midday to trade point 54 percent in the green. Traded volume is average and sentiment of the traders is neutral, but long positions are up by 10 percent. Bulls saw their profit chances as the pair jumped. Euro/Yen's rate movement has been relatively flat, high and low difference is 35 pips. Traded volume is extremely low and most of the trader funds were in long positions. Rate movement has been flat and trading passive, so no significant profits or losses are likely.


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