Slow Day For Currencies [Video]

Euro/Dollar has had an extremely slow day, trading in a total range of just 24 pips. Traded volume is low and sentiment of the market players is neutral, 4% long. Trading has been passive and the limited rate movement range suggests no major profits or losses are likely. Pound/Dollar declined by a total of 48 pips, before rising from the daily low. The Cable sees 42% less than typical funds and most of the funds were in long positions. Traders saw some limited profit opportunities after the pair hit the daily low. Dollar/Yen rose by 28 pips during the early trading hours and the pair sees less than half of the monthly average funds. Sentiment of the traders is neutral, long positions are up by 2%. Bulls had some profit chances, but the calm rate movement and passive trading approach are limiting factors. Pound/Yen has traded in a total range of 56 pips and the traded volume is average. Most of the funds were driven by bullish expectations. Both sides have had their chances, but the narrow price movement range suggests no significant profits or losses are likely. Euro/Yen's rate movement has been slow and the pair has been traded passively. Sentiment of the traders is strongly bullish, long positions dominate. Both the passive trading approach and flat rate movement are limiting factors.


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