Rally May Be a Hoax, But Don't Get In Its Way!

The Dow Industrials reversed 700 points yesterday, turning a morning disaster into an afternoon wilding spree that has the potential to end the week on a bullish note. The rally was purely technical, beginning as it did a millimeter beneath an important low recorded on November 23 that had served as a ‘structural’ support. As is the case so much of the time, the downtrend had to penetrate the support, stopping out bulls, in order to ensure that the subsequent rally was light, frisky and unburdened by profit-takers.

The Next Death Dive

The usual suspects will the say stock market’s ‘amazing’ recovery was due to some specific news development, but in reality it was caused 100% by short-covering. That does not necessarily mean we should presume heavily against the rally in the next day or two. It may be a hoax destined to fail, but this could occur at significantly higher levels, especially if other traders remain as skeptical about it as we are. Whatever the case, we should assume that every uptick is being used by DaBoyz to distribute as much stock as possible. They are masters at this, and if they succeed in a big way, many of us will be thinking the Dow actually has a shot at testing old highs around the time it is ready to resume its death dive.


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