GBP/AUD and EUR/AUD moved acceptably yesterday however not enought to change the 2400 spreads. The normal spread at 2600 ish informs we're pretty much locked in a 200 pip range.

EUR/AUD today, short 1.5324 to target 1.5280 however EUR/AUD is overbought and next target is located at 1.5225. Big brerak for lower is located at 1.5107.

GBP/AUD 's big break is located 1.7740 and 5 pips higher from yesterdy. Target today 1.7849 and about another 50 pips to go for the day. Friday should close around 1.7844.

AUD/USD is deeply oversold and targets today 0.6927 and 0.6994. By Friday, AUD/USD should trade at 0.7004 and close withint the 0.7004 vicinity. Long for next week remains the overall strategy and weekly target is found at 0.7089 and low 0.7100's.

USD/JPY as written Sunday, targets for the week 133.01 from 136.00's. Lows achieved so far 135.11 and running about 150 pips profit. Bottoms and quick longs for today is located at 135.41 and 135.17. Target at 133.01 must cross below 134.89.

EUR/USD achieved yesterday as written 1.0559 then 1.0601. GBP/USD achieved 1.2300's. Recall Sunday, EUR/USD weekly target at 1.0667. For the week, breaks are located at 1.0605,  1.0633, 1.0648 then 1.0661. Up targets today are 1.0616 then 1.0639.

EUR/USD for the week traded lows at 1.0470 against a known weekly target at 1.0667 and highs at 1.0605. Close Friday should trade at 1.0548 and 1.0519. Not much progress from the weekly open at 1.0492.

GBP/JPY bottom yesterday at 164.46 traded to 164.85 lows from 166.00's. GBP/JPY ranges daily now 200 to 300 pips. GBP/JPY must trade up to 165.49 easily for a quick 70 ish pips. Big break lower is located at 161.97. Short again next week from 166.50 and targets easily 163.00's.

SPX weekly targets as written Sunday are located at 3889. Highs sao far achieved 3801. SPX for the week traded 65 and 83 point days and fairly average for SPX. Today's highs target 3822.

WTI for the past month at least traded daily and weekly trades fperfectly. Yesterday lows at 101 was not only massively oversold but also off sync. Lows today are located at 99.73. Then long. Next week targets 113.00's.

Gold achieved weekly highs at 1850 and weekly target at 1898. Then short.

GBP/USD targets again 1.2300's, first at 1.2304, 1.2317 then 1.2352. Long for next week to target low 1.2400's to middle 1.2400's easily.

EUR/NZD is the last pair for today as EUR/NZD trades deeply overbought. Target is 1.6559 and big break at 1.6530. Good target is 1.6652. 

Trading currencies and other financial instruments carries a degree of loss and possible loss of entire investments. Please managed your own risks, stop loss, and margins requirements.

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