Yesterday's EUR/AUD as written was oversold and heading higher from 1.5422 and achieved 1.5552 or 130 pips. AUD/USD as written below 0.7617 targets 0.7589, 0.7561 and 0.7504. AUD/USD achieved 0.7531. From 0.7591 yesterday, AUD/USD traded +60 pips.

Next AUD/USD targets 0.7504 then begins oversold at0.7477.

EUR/AUD big break for higher is located at 1.5653 and a massive line at 1.5628. As EUR/AUD tops are close then signifies AUD/USD bottom at 0.7506. Time today to reverse the trade as short EUR/AUD and Long AUD/USD.

For AUD/USD shorts today are located at 0.7582 and 0.7577 to target bottoms at 0.7515 and 0.7506.

EUR/AUD big break lines are located at 1.5588 and 1.5557.

AUD/EUR today informs EUR/AUD wider ranges are located at AUD/EUR bottoms at 1.5620 and tops at 1.5460. EUR/AUD bottom today is located at 1.5460 and long to target 1.5499. EUR/AUD short point at 1.5589 and 1.5557 targets 1.5518.

AUD/USD ranges as EUR/AUD and AUD/EUR must decide to break AUD/EUR 0.6392 or 1.5644 and EUR/AUD 1.5653. Once EUR/AUD and AUD/EUR is decided then wider targets are factored for AUD/USD. We haves moves but no strength of trend nor conviction to wider targets.

The difference between EUR/AUD and AUD/EUR is exactly 47 pips as AUD/EUR ranges maximum at 33 pips and EUR/AUD at 79 pips. AUD/EUR normally ranges in daily Asia trade from 15 to 17 pips. It trades 1/2 its allowable distance while EUR/AUD trades 39 pips or 1/2 its allowable distance. AUD/USD is caught in the middle to trade 17 or 39 pips.

EUR/AUD longer term supports are located at 1.5205 and 1.4772. I wouldn't trust a 1.4900 target.

The currency price is a monster and extremely difficult to master. Takes years however if the currency price is conquered then every market price on the planet is much easier to know and profit. But once the currency price is known fully, profits and trading life becomes much easier.

Tomorrow NFP and a holiday which means the Central banks may or may not offer a tradeable price. In which case the only manner to trade NFP is to offer 24 hour trades issued Thursday afternoon. The only other option is to not trade NFP's.

Trading currencies and other financial instruments carries a degree of loss and possible loss of entire investments. Please managed your own risks, stop loss, and margins requirements.

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Latest Forex Analysis

Latest Forex Analysis

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