Dear Fellow Star-Gazers,

Happy Full Moon!


At almost 26 Sagittarius, this Full Moon is within orb (i.e. within a few degrees) of alignment with the Galactic Centre. That this event coincides with Jupiter moving through this sign and at right angle to Neptune at extreme declination suggests that attention might be on the state of the oceans – and on plastic pollution. The ‘war’ on plastics has already begun. Wars of a different type are also around however.

Neptune has association with both oil and the sea and it is perhaps no surprise that in the days leading up to these cosmic events that there has been a rise in oil prices – following on from the attacks on the two tankers in the Straits of Hormuz. Given the upcoming eclipses and several planetary ‘war’ patterns, tensions could run high for some time.

The astrocarto-graphy for this Full Moon highlights these Straits - which are in the spotlight again around the solstice on June 22nd when Neptune stations prior to beginning its retrograde phase. It’s probable that further difficulties – and more oil price rises, lie in wait.

As explained in previous letters, the threat of escalating trade wars continues. Just how problematic the next few months could be is indicated in the chart for the solstice. With Mercury, Venus, and Mars in parallel aspect with the Sun and this group all in contra-parallel with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, we could view this planetary picture as an almighty tug-of-war with the Sun ‘pulled’ in the middle. It is perhaps unsurprising that already solar behaviour is attracting attention with horror stories of just how badly our daily lives could be affected should a solar flare knock out satellite systems.

Even leaving this possibility aside, we should recall that Pluto has not yet concluded its transit of Capricorn and that though the Great Financial Global difficulties of a decade ago have almost been forgotten, the threat of further financial collapse has not receded. Trade wars - affecting the car industry especially - could bring the financial world to the brink again.

The next New Moon is also a solar eclipse, on July 2nd. That this event coincides with Mars’ arrival in fiery Leo and within days of Mercury stationing in that sign as Venus opposes the Galactic Centre suggests a turning point or, perhaps, a stand-off. Within days, Mars cross the nodal position the USA chart: a degree that’s been activated whenever there has been naval tension in the past. As always, we have to wait and see. However, adding to the mix the lunar eclipse (the next Full Moon), and the planetary configuration surrounding this event, then it’s not hard to conclude that we are in for a period of considerable discontent.

Stock markets

We should also take note that Neptune presently opposes the position of Mars (a highly sensitive area) in the chart for the New York Stock Exchange. Indices are certainly very high (in keeping with the nodal cycle). Yet it may be that Neptune is providing a fog and its relationship to Jupiter creating a ‘bubble’ that will pop after the aspect separates in September. We shouldn’t forget that 2019 is 90 years from the Wall Street Crash and that Pluto now opposes the position held then (at the quarter point in 1979, the Dow Jones lost 10%).

In my last missive I suggested that June 5th to 7th might bring particular challenges. Tensions certainly rose but markets, rather than declining, edged higher. With solar oppositions to Saturn and Pluto, Mercury retrograde and two highly significant eclipses across the ‘banking and government Cancer-Capricorn axis due in the next few weeks, progress could yet be halted. July 8th and 9th could see very definite cracks appearing.


The fact that the gold index has risen as Mars moved through Cancer suggests that many are now focused on assets and, perhaps, ‘hoarding’. I remain of the opinion that this index will reach a high in the first quarter of 2020 and will explore my reasoning at the NCGR pre-conference event in Baltimore on August 30th. (full details at


Next weekend I am offering a workshop on Draconic Astrology for the Faculty of Astrological Studies. This system adds depth to interpretation and, through cross zodiac techniques including draconic transits, offers an exciting forecasting tool. You can book through:

News and the I-base

Lastly, I am delighted – and thrilled – to tell you that last Friday, and as Jupiter passed my Progressed Sun, I was awarded the Charles Harvey Award at the Astrological Association of Great Britain conference. This is a huge honour. Charles was/is one of my astro-heroes. We shared many interests (harmonics, midpoints, mundane and financial astrology). Charles was a gifted communicator and would have loved the idea of these newsletters.

He would also have been excited about the i-base project which seeks to catalogue books and texts to ensure that these are not lost to future generations. If you haven’t yet visited their site (, do explore. You will find over 10,000 works listed – and where these can be found. Some titles are also downloadable as ebooks – not many – but the real purpose is to get everything catalogued and preserved. At this Sagittarius Full Moon, it’s right to draw attention to this amazing resource.

Filming for the financial course is being organised. In the next few days I will send an update to those who have shown interest in purchasing the beta version.

Until next time,

Yours from the stars


ONLINE WEB EVENT: Draconic Astrology for the Faculty of Astrological Studies June 22nd

BALTIMORE: NCGR conference Aug 30th - Sept 3

TORONTO: October 2019

ISAR DENVER : September 2020

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