Euro Zone Q4 GDP & US Retail Sales [Video]

This Thursday is another busy day on the markets, so let's take a closer look with the Dukascopy Economic Calendar. Preliminary German Gross Domestic Product for the fourth quarter opens this agenda at 7 o'clock in the morning. Economy contracted by point 2 percent in the third quarter and this was the first quarterly contraction since mid-2014. The Flash Euro Zone GDP for the final quarter of last year will then be released at 10 AM. The whole bloc's economy expanded in the third quarter, but at the slowest pace sine 2014. The fourth quarter Flash Euro Zone employment change will be released at the same time as GDP. The number of people employment in the Euro Area grew by point 2 percent to slightly more than 158 million during the third quarter. It will then be busy with North American publications at 1:30 PM GMT, and the high importance US advance Retail Sales report for December is one of them. Sales were up by point 2 percent in November after surging by 1.1 percent in October. The US Producer Price Index for January and Initial Jobless Claims for the week ending February 9th will also be available at 1:30 PM. And a couple of Canadian releases for December are out at the same time and these are Manufacturing Sales and New Housing Price Index. The data run then continues at 3 PM GMT when the US Business Inventories for November will be out. Inventories were up by point 6 percent in October at nearly two trillion US Dollars. New Zealand Manufacturing PMI for January will be published at 9:30 PM. The index has been trending up since summer and it currently settles slightly above the 55 percent level. A couple of January reports regarding the Chinese economy are up next at 1:30 AM and these are Consumer Price Index and Producer Price Index. Revised Japanese Industrial Production stats for December wrap up this agenda at an early 4:30 AM. According to the flash report, production slowed down by one tenth of a percent month on month.


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