EUR, CAD/ZAR, 2015: levels, Ranges, Targets

2015 additions include focus and mentions to Fed Speakers, meanwhile zero information, zero market data nor actionable information was revealed. Same scenario today. Fed people speak but say nothing and lack ability to afford special attention. Save the ink to report Fed speakers. Follow the RBA as they are the only central bank to reveal actionable information and they even bring charts whereas Fed speakers just blab on regarding nothing. The Fed and the entire board frankly don't deserve any respect.

June 2015 probabilities as first Fed Funds liftoff date failed miserably. Queen Yellen knew the high probabilities but liftoff was impossible without Repo Rate control to Fed Funds. October 2015 Natural Rate debate led to the largest intelligence  insult to reveal 5 year Median Fed Fund rates, meanwhile the Fed Raised into massive overbought on Fed Funds where it remains today. Lost as investors was $28 billion SDR and $2.9 billion EUR and JPY trades. Yellen and the Fed just don't give a dam as they don't inform the public on one iota of information. Yellen is far to dangerous to allow ability to sit on her throne, as the last 9 years revealed. Its 300 million Americans lost  by Yellen's hand. The statements are an imperative.

The striking miles of difference between the Retail and professional investor crowd is astounding. The retail side lacks any fighting chance as exposure to proper information is never revealed. Much is written but nothing stated and this includes dribble from banks. I can't report it all as I'm a one man band and trust the proposition  I am not here forever.

How's trades, perfect as usual.

EUR/USD trades between vital break points from 1.1612 and 1.1793. CAD/ZAR as most opposite and a USD currency pair trades at 11.2860 against support points at 10.82, 10.72 and 10.06. CAD/ZAR Vs EUR reveals how tight are prices, how tight prices trade against each other. Vast majority of currency pairs trade at or near vital support and resistance points. A big breakout is upon us as CAD/ZAR and EUR must trade at greater distances to each other.

CAD/ZAR is massively overbought and is the signal pair to USD as EUR sits in neutrality to its averages. A EUR break at 1.1793 means far higher, USD and CAD/ZAR lower. Watch USD/JPY 112.70 then 111.46. How much higher for EUR above 1.1793 is to watch NZD/USD at its break point at 0.7031. EUR above 1.1793, travels to 1.1900's and 1.2000's.

EUR/USD. The next break point above is located at 1.1751 while shorts today must break 1.1702 and 1.1693 to travel back to 1.1649.

EUR/JPY trades between break points from 133.22 and 133.37 followed by 133.54. Lower must break 133.22 then on to 132.86.

GBP/USD. Break points overall today are located at 1.3148 and 1.3107. Above must break 1.3124 to target 1.3170's while 1.3101 and 1.3107 provides solid supports.

Trading currencies and other financial instruments carries a degree of loss and possible loss of entire investments. Please managed your own risks, stop loss, and margins requirements.