As written yesterday, GOLD achieved 1862 and actual 1864. SPX 3890 and actual 3873. WTI 108.55 and actual 108.65. EUR/USD 1.0721 and 1.0731 and actual 1.0745. Actual 1.0745 factored within the normal day trade time frame. USD/JPY downside targets 127.04 and 126.91. Actual at the end of day trade time 126.35. A breakout?

Current USD/JPY 127.19 and USD/CAD 1.2830 or 111 pips. Nothing changes in the relationship except distance as both remain the same exact currency. USD/JPY is the leader for now against 2 separate entries and targets.

EUR/JPY downside supports = USD/CAD 1.2830 and further down GBP/CHF at 1.2060. All are the same pairs except different numbers. And results to 1.2812 and 1.3198 as USD/CAD and EUR/JPY. Technically, GBP/CHF supports  are found by EUR/CHF and EUR/JPY.

EUR/JPY upside is tracked by EUR/CAD at 1.3700's. EUR/JPY upside targets are EUR/CAD.

The currency price is not only the smallest price to every financial instrument on the planet but its the forecast to every financial instrument. A normal currency price offers the same normality to every financial instrument on the planet.

Note this EUR/USD price. 1.0671. Why is the 1 shown before the decimal point. If EUR/USD is arranged as 0671 or 0.0671 then EUR/USD offers the same exact forecast with 1 included or not. Exclude the 1 makes life easier to deal with smaller numbers.

Next generation trades

Normal day trades by interest rates run 7 1/2 hours and for the most part appear as the dominant trade but never with absolute certainty. Note EUR/JPY today 136.15 Vs 135.72. EUR/JPY traded so far today to 135.45 and a guaranteed 27 pips so far today. Longs will eventually dominate to profit from longs and possibly more shorts.

To exclude 7  1/2 hours, then 16 1/2 hours remain to trade. Now we have interest rate trades X 2 to profit from the remaining 16 hours of trade from the same multiple longs and shorts as any trade.

Not only is this whole system perfect but its accurate to the perfection of all platforms as platforms are factored to statistics. USD/JPY's extra bonus pips yesterday and rare day was due from the ECB at 10. The extra pips didn't matter as plenty of profits was earned already at 126.91. Extra pips days are rare but when seen, its derived by central banks who don't ever play a fair game.

Extra pips days are never derived from a trader, hedge fund or Warren big mouth Buffet as these people don't have a clue what they say or do. Sorry to keep harping on this point. The platform is the driver and not any trader money.

The driver to the platform is normality. And for at least 44 weeks to every year, normality dominates. At most 8 weeks to every year, normality is threatened by skewed prices. Non normality is usually seen in the spring from March to May.

A market price may be volatile but 2 types of volatility exists. Good volatility such as the 2019 Brexit vote when prices traded far and wide yet perfect. Then bad volatility such as oversold to more oversold or overbought to more overbought.

Best trades today from day trade line ups are USD/JPY, GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY, GBP/USD and GBP/CHF.

EUR/USD Bottoms today are located at 1.0638 then long.

S&P 500 and WTI

If SPX continues its losing ways then next stop is located at 3856 and WTI at 107.96 Vs Brent 108.33.

Weekly trade rankings 20 currencies




Trading currencies and other financial instruments carries a degree of loss and possible loss of entire investments. Please managed your own risks, stop loss, and margins requirements.

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