Vibrational Markets

Before coming to main point would like to briefly submit 2 school of thoughts version

There is no mater and whole world is just merely vibration. If we take out vibration and energy nothing left at end. Example matter smallest unit known to us is atom. Which combine of particles moving and having charge energy , If we remove motion energy and charge energy from atoms we left with nothing


The second school of though believe there is nothing new under the sky. Matter once created is same just keep on changing shapes and forms. Also Following this rule markets are God made.

We take our study further based on above 2 statements.

As who universe is just a vibration and being market also reflect same vibrational pattern. So markets on larger time frame have there own vibrational momentum and cyclic behavior. On larger time frame markets have to do nothing with fundamentals. That’s why same nature of data on different occasion produce different effect. If fundamental data is suppose to be master key than every time same data have to produce same result. Which is not true every time. Making this assumption strong that markets have its own dynamics. On vibrational rhythmic pattern which keep alive markets all the time. In this light cyclic study and study of markets with in reference planetary movement  leave a solid ground to think upon.

One thing is clear market is nothing just the mass result of psychology of Buyers and sellers. And science have prove that changing magnetic flux of gravitation time to time have direct relation on Human psychology. And different aspect forming and sun spot play  main role in fluctuating earth magnetic  , which ultimately effect the psychology of human in mass.

In simple vibrational rhythmic study of markets in reference to planets have solid ground to be study and imply. This was what GANN did in his style to create legendry result in trading history.