Full-Time Trader Interview: Jessica Peletier, AKA Rogue Traderette

Hello Traders…today, I'm proud to present the next interview in my series called The Trading Lifestyle Podcast.  My first interview with Pro Trader Haji Warithu went well and I hope you enjoy this interview because it was a lot of fun.

Jessica Peletier is a full-time trader who lives in Western Australia.  I discovered her through Twitter and have followed her Tweets and her blog posts for awhile now.  She always has insightful commentary about what it means to be a full-time trader.

As Jessica readily admits in the interview, she does not depend solely on her trading income to make a living because her husband has a full-time job.  However, her trading income does provide a nice supplement and keeps her from having to do some jobs that she has had in the past (and didn't like).

This allows her to live The Trading Lifestyle and spend a lot of time with her family.  She primarily trades currencies and CFDs.

What I enjoyed the most about speaking with her is her enthusiasm for trading.  Follow her on Twitter: @RogueTraderette; or check out her blog at: RogueTraderette.com.

We discussed some interesting topics in this interview…

In this episode:

  • How she got into trading
  • What she was doing before trading
  • Who Jessica learned to trade from
  • How to gently let your spouse/partner get used to the fact that trading involves wins and losses
  • What CFDs are and why are they just might be the best thing to trade ever (and why you might not be able to trade them)!
  • How Jessica tests her trades
  • What she does in her free time to enjoy the Trading Lifestyle


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