Fleeting Illusions

NOTHING TO LOOK AT - So many people come to trade markets with the expectation that everything needs to happen right now! It just isn't like that. So what's going on and why do we see it so much? Well, broadly speaking, this happens because we are sold a story of overnight success and get rich quick everywhere we turn in life. Naturally, this extends to the glamorous world of financial markets, where traders live like kings and own the world. It has to be this way because after all, this is how it is in the movies! But the facts are the following: 1) This is not a reality and in the movies, they aren't going to show the boring process that took that person all the time to get to the exciting parts (assuming it's non fictional). No one wants to see that, so they cut it out, leaving you with the thought that it must all happen right away! 2) Even if it did happen right away, would you really want it that way? The best things in life happen over time. They are honest and a reminder that what should be great should not be instant, but always. So that's not what we want. We trade and look at things over the course of a month, a quarter a year, not a minute, hour or day.

LEVERAGE OR LONG HALL - If I break it all down some more, and get a little less abstract with all of this, it also comes down to what's in your head as far as the motivation behind the trading. Are you thinking about the leverage or are you thinking about the trading. If you're thinking about the leverage, you're in trouble. If you're thinking about the leverage, you're thinking about making a quick Buck and you're thinking about a gamble. But you aren't here to gamble. You're here to make a living. To give yourself the opportunity to generate some income to help support you and your family on an ongoing basis. There's plenty to be made without focusing on the leverage and the moment you shift your focus to the trading and simply wait for opportunities that make sense instead of looking for opportunities that really don't. When you look for something, you might convince yourself you've found something that isn't what you're looking for. But if you wait, when it comes your way, it will be exactly what you wanted. So enjoy the process and be motivated to doing it the way you know you should but never thought you could. You can!

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