Chart Patterns

Completed patterns
Currency Pair Interval Time Pattern Direction Trend Lenght Quality Chart
EURNZD 15 Oct 07, 15:00 Inverse Head and Shoulders True Reversal 43 0.797447 view
USDNOK 15 Oct 07, 14:30 Triangle True Continuation 15 0.498252 view
NZDUSD 15 Oct 07, 14:15 Channel Up False Reversal 138 0.602937 view
NZDUSD 15 Oct 07, 14:15 Channel Up False Reversal 152 0.584657 view
SGDJPY 15 Oct 07, 13:00 Flag True Continuation 17 0.728967 view

Emerging patterns
Currency Pair Interval Time Pattern Direction Trend Lenght Quality Chart
USDSEK 15 Oct 07, 15:00 Triangle False Continuation 13 0.750857 view
USDNOK 15 Oct 07, 15:00 Triangle False Reversal 17 0.651121 view
USDNOK 15 Oct 07, 15:00 Pennant False Continuation 13 0.902863 view
USDDKK 15 Oct 07, 15:00 Triangle False Continuation 27 0.654897 view
SGDJPY 15 Oct 07, 14:45 Triangle False Continuation 58 0.470462 view

About this Chart

Chart Patterns table is created with the Autochartist application: Technical chart patterns are rooted in the theory of market psychology by Autochartist, a service that automatically detects these technical chart patterns, and delivers them to end users in real time, together with sophisticated quality analysis. Real time pattern detection, identification of emerging patterns, and sophisticated delivery mechanisms make Autochartist the undisputed global leader in chart pattern identification.

Important note: The information displayed above is a small sample set that contains the latest patterns detected by the Autochartist recognition engine. This list is retrieved in real time from the Autochartist results database.
Not all pairs on Autochartist are shown here.

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