EUR/USD hits fresh 8−month lows

EURUSD chart

The EUR/USD dropped further during the American session and reached at 1.3420, a fresh 8-month low after breaking below 1.3430. Price remains under pressure near the lows.

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Slight slippage in EUR/USD

Down at 13438 having been as low as 1.3433. Wonder if the Ukrainian news unsettled the single currency?, possibly. Talk of buy orders clustered 1.3400/20 protecting 1.3400 barrier option interest.

EUR's Timeline for Demise Lengthened

The mighty dollar aims to exit this highly charged geopolitical week on the front foot, and this despite the 'many' in forex who remain sitting on the sidelines ahead of a slew of data next week.

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USD on a firmer footing − BTMU

Lee Hardman, FX Analyst at the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, observes the buy sentiment around the USD. "The US dollar has remained firmer in the Asian trading session with the dollar index rising towards the 81.00-level...

US June durable goods +0.7%

Median forecast +0.5%, so stronger than expected. Ex-transportation +0.8%, stronger than median forecast of +0.6%.

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Trader's Eye on USD/JPY, short-term

Gonçalo Moreira -June inflation report didn’t trigger speculations in favor of additional monetary stimulus.

Inside the Currency Market: USD/JPY Price History and Historic Levels by Brian Twomey

USDJPY, stage is set for another decline by Aleksandar Vichev

USD/JPY Short-term View by Jack Crooks

Claudiu Cazacu | XTB Romania

Back to low volatility

Polish Zloty (EUR/PLN) – boring PLN market Currency markets calmed down and we are back to low volatility times.

Slobodan Drvenica

Technical Summary for Commodities

GOLD Gold returned to weakness after yesterday’s brief consolidation which was capped at 1300 zone. Extension...

Technical Studies

Jack Inman

Mon, Jul 28, 15:00 GMT

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The Oscillator strategy is a simple technique for short term trading...

Richard Perry

Wed, Jul 30, 15:00 GMT

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Moving averages are used by traders on all markets, all over the world. We...

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John Kicklighter Last Thursday, the $SPX dropped 1.2% and the short-term VIX surged 58%. Today, index is down 0.6% and volatility index up only 10%
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John Kicklighter Following it's unexpected rate hike earlier today, the Russia's central bank is increasing rates on certain instruments (ie certain ABS)
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Matt Weller $USDJPY has reversed on a dime, going from testing multi-month trend line resistance at 101.95 down to LOD at 101.70 since the US open
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John Kicklighter ..given the drop in the developed world's growth forecasts, Europe's high unemployment and EZ's sensitivity to risk trends; on borrowed time
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