EUR/USD holding on above 1.2600

EURUSD chart

EUR/USD is looking to consolidate the recent break above 1.2600 the figure, despite coming down from recent peaks above 1.2630. With the US GDP and the FOMC meeting in the rear mirror, market participants will now turn their attention to tomorrow’s critical advanced inflation figures in the euro area. Previous estimates...

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EUR/USD: Quantifiably Engaging

It has been an eventful 24 hours in the trading realm following a veritable lack of activity to start the week thanks in large part to a couple of central bank meetings and some telling data about both...

S&P 500: 7 Factors Leave a Split Decision Between Bulls & Bears

After years of smooth sailing off the 2011 low, US stocks are suddenly caught in a whirlwind of bullish and bearish crosswinds. In times like these, it behooves traders to take a step back and look...

Gold Declines Once Again As Expected

Briefly: In our opinion speculative short positions (full) in gold, silver and mining stocks are justified from the risk/reward perspective. Gold and mining stocks declined yesterday in a rather profound...

US Q3 GDP stronger than expected but breakdown disappoints − BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas economist Alexandra Estiot comments on the US Q3 GDP data, which came in stronger than expected but only due to a temporary jump in exports.

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Trader's Eye on gold, mid-term

Gonçalo Moreira - November is looking bearish for Gold -as for other commodities-, new highs in U.S. stocks bolstered risk appetite and reduced the attractiveness of parking funds in the safety of gold.

Gold Declines Once Again As Expected by Przemyslaw Radomski

SILVER drops to a new low for this year by Nicole Elliott

Gold Loses Ground After FOMC Statement by Kenny Fisher

Dzhafer Medzhakhed

USDCAD: 1.1265−1.1280 on the upside, 1.1090−1.1105 on the downside

BETA – Propareos levels (areas where probabilities of price action reversal or...

Kenny Polcari

And now the end is near...

How could I let this go? (A few word changes and works) "...And now the end is near - and so WE face...

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Phil Carr

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EdMatts profile
zerohedge QE’s Seeds Are Already Sown
18:52 GMT
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Pablo Piovano The world is running out of plasma TVs CNNmoney
18:48 GMT
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Gus Farrow Big East Anglia wind farm scaled back $GBPUSD #UK FT
18:48 GMT
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Gus Farrow Beijing’s challenge to the world of Bretton Woods #China FT
18:47 GMT
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Gus Farrow Arsenal injury list: Laurent Koscielny and Mesut Ozil lead the Gunners' absentees #AFC Independent
18:44 GMT
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Francesc Riverola My wife just tweeted: "#VotarePerTu I will vote for you Judit & Martina, so you'll never have to say sorry to speak your lenguage" :)
18:44 GMT
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Gus Farrow Eastern Europe worst hit by dollar rise FT
18:43 GMT
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Mauricio Carrillo OMG @GusFarrow @Ross_Burland we are you guys!!!! - $1.5 Million Sent in Error to Money Manager (Both Are Missing)
18:41 GMT
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Gus Farrow EUR/USD holding on above 1.2600 $EURUSD #Forex
18:41 GMT
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Ashraf Laidi ماذا قلت قبل لقاء الفدرالي أمس عن الولار و الأسهم و لماذأ
18:39 GMT
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Russian Market Researchers found that 32% of heavy @facebook users consider leaving their spouse. $FB
18:36 GMT
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zerohedge Odd there aren't 1 million 5 star "reviews" yet RT @JustinRBLT: Ex-HFT has written a book responding to Flash Boys:
18:33 GMT
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Forex Crunch RBNZ To Give NZD Another Nudge Soon - BNZ #forex
18:30 GMT
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18:29 GMT
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Russian Market There are kids today who really never heard of this terrible pop song
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zerohedge Broken Market (Worse Than 2013 Nasdaq Blackout) Just Fails To Send S&P Back Over 2,000
18:27 GMT
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Gus Farrow Rate rise lifts economic hopes in Brazil FT
18:26 GMT
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Ashraf Laidi No room for whiners.
18:26 GMT
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OECD You've heard of #OECD's push for automatic exchange of #tax information? Here's the video
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