USD/JPY falls below 109.00

USDJPY chart

The yen rose further across the board during the American session as stocks fell sharply in Wall Street and amid a decline in US government bond yields. USD/JPY hit a fresh low at 108.88 and remains under pressure near the lows.

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Michael Rosecliff: USD ahead of 14 month windows of strength

Michael Rosecliff commented Malaysian shot down in Ukraine: "Plane that went missing was same one shot down over Ukraine." Rosecliff says that Looking Glass sees 14 month windows of continued dollar strength and program spit out a 28K Dow Target.

USD/JPY hits 110: will the rally pause for breath now?

Overnight, the USD/JPY pair finally entered the key 110.00-110.65 technical area (see monthly chart in figure 1). The lower end of this range, i.e. 110, is a key psychological barrier while the 110.65...

Ebola fever has US indices wobbling

Traders are largely looking past the US ecnomic data and focusing a whole host of concerns. Safe haven flows are once again sloshing money out of equities and into the relative safety of US and German bond markets.

ISM manufacturing declines; more downside risk in coming months

The US ISM manufacturing report declined more than expected to 56.6 (consensus: 58.5) from 59.0 in August. The details were also on the soft side.   ISM reached very high levels over the summer and it is only natural that we see some moderation...

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ECB forecast

ECB expected to outline details of ABS plan at October meeting

The European Central Bank's October policy decision announcement shouldn't be such a shocker as the previous one, which involved surprise rate cuts and the introduction of asset-backed securities and covered bonds purchases.


Trader's Eye on USDCAD, short-term

Gonçalo Moreira -The USDCAD climbed to a new recent high of 1.12 can reach levels around 1.1250-1.1300 projected zone in days ahead.

USDCAD Makes Higher Highs: Elliott Wave Forecast by Gregor Horvat

Data weighs in heavily on the Forex market whilst commodity currencies diverge by Anthony Wu

Petar Jacimovic

EURJPY − Unsuccessful absorption volume in the background

A ForexTrading.TV Technical Analysis Video Alert for EURJPY

Alexandra Estiot

US manufacturing gets reasonable

The levels reached by the manufacturing ISM during the summer were very difficult to explain, inconsistent with regional...

Technical Studies

Mark De La Paz

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With varying levels of recovery growth in the economies they regulate the...

David Pegler

Thu, Oct 2, 15:00 GMT

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In this webinar David will talk about how to tie in the prevailing economic...

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