EUR/USD stuck below 1.2500

EURUSD chart

The shared currency is trading almost unchanged vs. the greenback on Wednesday, with EUR/USD hovering over the 1.2470 area. Spot is extending its consolidation pattern between 1.2450 and 1.2500 so far, looking to recover ground lost after Friday’s sharp sell-off post-Draghi’s comments...

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BoJ's Shirai: Japan to grow above potential in fiscal 2015

BOJ board member Shirai, speaking to business leaders in Hiroshima, in a speech titled "Japan’s Economic Activity, Prices, and Monetary Policy”, said that Japan economy will grow at or below its potential...

JPY: Much of the easing priced for now – ANZ

Richard Yetsenga of ANZ notes that Japan’s easing has been the key driver for the Yen which has been continuing to present itself as a weak currency as it has priced most of the easing for now.

China rate cut will not help Chinese homebuilders − Fitch

Fitch Ratings notes, via Reuters, that the rate cut in China will not help Chinese homebuilders. Benchmark rate cut in China will neither improve the financial profiles of Chinese ...

Fed rate hikes matter more than BOJ and ECB QE – Nomura

The Research Team at Nomura believe that the US quantitative easing (QE) has had significant cross-border effects, particularly in higher-yielding EM countries, through large capital inflows, currency...

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Trader’s eye on FX, short term

Ivan DelgadoIvan Delgado - The Australian Dollar is under strong bearish pressure as commodity prices and technicals continue to weigh...

AUD/USD – Drops to Multi-Year Low Near 0.85 by Market Pulse

AUD/USD Breaches Triangle Support by DailyFX

Angus Campbell

Crude prices stuck at 4 year low ahead of OPEC

The euro’s bounce against the dollar continued yesterday as stronger GDP data from the US wasn’t enough to compete against a poor consumer confidence reading....

Steve Miley, MSTA

USDCAD bear bias for 1.1223 and test the key neckline, currently at 1.1180

A dip back lower into the range as expected on Tuesday as we repeat our stated view to our clients that "we still see a negative range theme into late November whilst capped...

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During this session, Sam will share his profit target rules that help...

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Mauricio Carrillo US DOJ investigating possible HSBC $HSBC leak to hedge fund over prudential deal in 2010.
07:31 GMT
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Gus Farrow LOOK: EUR/USD stuck below 1.2500 $EURUSD #Forex #FX
07:28 GMT
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Gus Farrow LOOK: Credit Agricole: CAD hitching a ride – eFXnews #Oil #Crude #Brent #WTI
07:28 GMT
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Ivan FXStreet Credit Agricole: CAD hitching a ride – eFXnews #Fed
07:28 GMT
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Gus Farrow LOOK: USD mixed versus its G10 peers – TDS #Gold #Metals
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Ivan FXStreet Credit Agricole: CAD hitching a ride – eFXnews #Oil #Commodities
07:28 GMT
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Russian Market What's wrong with this world? "When you lose blood in the game, you lose real blood in real life" #Warning: blood!
07:23 GMT
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Neil Hume More action from this morning's walk with the Saudi oil minister. Also he was talking about fishing not oil.
07:19 GMT
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Russian Market I hate clichés about Russia, but sometimes...
07:17 GMT
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07:15 GMT
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Forex Crunch GOLD Eying A Major Break #forex
07:15 GMT
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IronFX Global #IronFX #MorningNews #Oil prices slide ahead of OPEC meeting Find out more: #Globalleader #Trading #Forex #CFDs
07:12 GMT
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Gus Farrow Aussie dollar finally following commodities FT
07:12 GMT
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OECD Economic Outlook #dataviz: Compare yr country’s #economy: GDP, unemployment, inflation #OECD
07:10 GMT
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Neil Hume The #opec madness starts again. Out with Saudi oil minister for his morning walk around the ring road.
07:09 GMT
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Jarratt Davis The RBA reiterate that they feel the AUD is currently overvalued; #AUD #RBA #Forex #USD
07:08 GMT
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Neil Hume Look what happens when trafi takes a 15% stake. Nyrstar Announces CEO Transition. Leaves immediately
07:06 GMT
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Ioan Smith #Germany | OCT IMPORT PRICE INDEX M/M: -0.3% V -0.5%E; Y/Y: -1.2% V -1.5%E
07:03 GMT
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Bank of Japan Financial Statements for the First Half of the 130th Fiscal Year/Fiscal 2014
07:00 GMT

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