EUR/USD falls to fresh multi−month lows at 1.3430

EURUSD chart

The Euro broke the 1.3440 level and fell to trade at minimums since November 21 at 1.3430 where the...

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Slight slippage in EUR/USD

Down at 13438 having been as low as 1.3433. Wonder if the Ukrainian news unsettled the single currency?, possibly. Talk of buy orders clustered 1.3400/20 protecting 1.3400 barrier option interest.

EUR's Timeline for Demise Lengthened

The mighty dollar aims to exit this highly charged geopolitical week on the front foot, and this despite the 'many' in forex who remain sitting on the sidelines ahead of a slew of data next week.

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USD on a firmer footing − BTMU

Lee Hardman, FX Analyst at the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, observes the buy sentiment around the USD. "The US dollar has remained firmer in the Asian trading session with the dollar index rising towards the 81.00-level...

US June durable goods +0.7%

Median forecast +0.5%, so stronger than expected. Ex-transportation +0.8%, stronger than median forecast of +0.6%.

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Trader’s eye on majors, short term

Valeria BednarikValeria Bednarik – Dollar maintains the lead with EUR and GBP a few pips away from critical levels.

GBP/USD Forecast: approaching critical 1.6950 by FXStreet

EUR/USD Forecast: Downward potential towards 1.3290 by FXStreet

UK economic rebound fails to excite the markets by

Kenny Polcari

Candle Stick Pattern?

Stocks on the whole did very little – but a look at some individual names reveals a much different story.

Dzhafer Medzhakhed

EURJPY: 137.65−137.80 on the upside, 135.95−136.10 on the downside

BETA - Propareos levels (areas where probabilities of price action reversal or...

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Jack Inman

Mon, Jul 28, 15:00 GMT

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The Oscillator strategy is a simple technique for short term trading...

Jack Inman

Mon, Jul 28, 15:00 GMT

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The Oscillator strategy is a simple technique for short term trading in forex...

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Deutsche Bundesbank Steigende Kosten setzen Krankenkassen unter Druck
13:40 GMT
EdMatts profile
zerohedge Has Yellen Capital LP issued an update for the market's price-to-equity ratio?
13:37 GMT
EdMatts profile
zerohedge Dutch Send 40 Unarmed Military Police "Forensic Experts" To MH17 Crash Site
13:36 GMT
EdMatts profile
Forex Crunch 6 Steps to creating a robust forex system
13:35 GMT
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Gus Farrow Russia pushes up interest rates $EURUSD #Europe FT
13:29 GMT
EdMatts profile
Russian Market Meanwhile in Moscow or Russian lessons for drivers.
13:24 GMT
EdMatts profile
Russian Market That very awkward moment when Kiev relish the news of upcoming economic sanctions against Russia when there's no "economy" left in Ukraine.
13:22 GMT
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zerohedge Moodys saying money market reform is postitive for investors. Translation: it's negative for investors
13:21 GMT
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zerohedge Goldman cuts Q2 GDP estimate from 3.1% to 3.0% on weak durable goods data
13:19 GMT
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zerohedge "The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall"
13:17 GMT
EdMatts profile
zerohedge Fabius says 54 French died in Air Algerie plane crash
13:16 GMT
EdMatts profile
Russian Market The best one is made in Ukraine btw @girlinflorence: food I am excited to try in #massacarrara is lardo of colonnata
13:13 GMT
EdMatts profile
Pablo Piovano Federal Reserve announces it has not objected to a re-submitted capital plan from Zions Bancorporation #Fed Fede...
13:12 GMT
EdMatts profile
Russian Market RT @labelldame: @weatherchannel @SouthwestAir caught this flying into Denver this afternoon yikes!!!
13:12 GMT
EdMatts profile
Katie Martin this is also, um, special> (Russian) MT @BW: How Russian media are spinning the MH17 disaster:
13:12 GMT
EdMatts profile
Russian Market RT @SimonOstrovsky: Ukraine's use of Grad multiple rocket launchers on civilian areas "may amount to war crimes" says @hrw
13:11 GMT
EdMatts profile
Russian Market RT @4xInsight: True words from the Dali lama
13:11 GMT
EdMatts profile
zerohedge In case you missed AMZN's ugliest quarter in years broken down in charts
13:07 GMT
EdMatts profile
Katie Martin this will end well, I'm sure RT @FXweek: Regulators lack common sense, panel tells conference #Forex #FX
13:06 GMT
EdMatts profile
zerohedge "It was an inexplicable quarter" for AMZN. Uh, no. It was perfectly expected
13:05 GMT

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