EUR/USD bounces back above 1.3800

EURUSD chart

The EUR/USD fell briefly below 1.3800 following mixed US data but quickly bounced to trade nearly flat on the day. The EUR/USD fell to a low of 1.3790 but found support and managed to regain the 1.3800 mark.

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Matt Weller: Buyers opportunity in AUD/USD; Correction in GBP/USD

Matt Weller shows the shift in the equity sector and how much it's vulnerable amid rotation to safety. Matt considers recent weakness in Aussie as a buying opportunity as well as he is calling for a GBP/USD correction to the downside.

EURUSD: Vulnerable, Threatens Downside

EURUSD: Vulnerable, Threatens Downside. EURUSD - With price hesitation on the upside underway, EUR could weaken while the . Support lies at the 1.3779 level where a break will aim at the 1.3737 level...

Gold jumps but 200−day average limiting the upside – for now

Gold prices were trading sharply lower first thing this morning as investors again showed a greater appetite for equities over the safe-haven metals after earnings results from Apple and Facebook both...

NASDAQ: what bubble?

Earlier this month it looked like stocks were about to hit the skids on the backs of fears about a bubble, particularly in the technology sector. However, in the last 24 hours the view has changed markedly....

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Jamie Coleman

ECB's Constancio: Jump start in credit from banking union may not be immediate

European banking sector will probably consolidate...

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Trader's Eye on Gold, mid-term

Gonçalo Moreira -Gold spiked 30 dollars short of 1300 resistance and easily steped outside the narrow 2nd standard deviation bands on intraday charts.

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iPhones keep ringing

S&P Futures exploding to the upside - currently +8 points flirting once again with all time highs...

Laith Marmarchi

GBPUSD clinging onto 10 day SMA ahead of Retail Sales tomorrow

A ForexTrading.TV Technical Analysis Video Alert for GBPUSD

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