USD/JPY consolidates at 7−month highs

USDJPY chart

The USD/JPY took a step higher and printed a fresh 7-month high during the European session but lacked follow-through as markets have been fairly quiet as US is out for Labor Day.

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Euro−metrics disappoint before Thursday's ECB

The economic data drives the FX prices this Monday. Soft Asian manufacturing PMIs have been followed by disappointing Euro-zone and UK readings in August. France and Italy sank into the contraction zone...

USD remains bid − Investec

Jonathan Pryor, Corporate Treasury Analyst at Investec, observes the firm tone from the greenback. "The US Dollar has managed to hold on to recent gains amidst selling pressures...

USD/JPY: breaks higher for long held targets at 107.70/109.65

This week we present two strategies. USD/JPY – breaks higher for long held targets at 107.70/109.65 Strategy summary – stay long or buy at market for gains to 107.00 and 109.65 long term.

EUR: Temp Relief S/T; A Sell On Rallies M/T − Credit Agricole

Speculation for the ECB to consider more aggressive policy action this week has increased considerably after Draghi indicated downside risks to long-term inflation expectations last week.

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EUR and GBP up in correction mode; JPY still under pressure

Pair Average levels
1 Week 1 Month 1 Quarter
EURUSD 1.3179 1.3231 1.3157
GBPUSD 1.6633 1.6756 1.6777
USDJPY 103.83 104.20 105.01
USDCHF 0.9142 0.9146 0.9266
AUDUSD 0.9345 0.9223 0.9110
Pair Average levels
1 Week 1 Month 1 Quarter
USDCAD 1.0829 1.0907 1.0999
NZDUSD 0.8415 0.8456 0.8452
GBPJPY 172.78 173.74 176.65
EURJPY 137.13 137.32 139.13
EURGBP 0.7950 0.7892 0.7793

EUR/USD bottom or correction?: Investors are mild bullish in EUR seen sideways to bullish for the upcoming month and despite trading at fresh year lows.

GBP/USD ready to resume the upside: Market has turned more Pound positive over these last few days, with the pair seen rising through the quarter up to 1.70 price zone.

USD/JPY some consolidation before a new leg up: latest USD/JPY gains had encouraged buyers, with the pair seen now consolidating at current levels before advancing beyond 105.00 .

AUD/USD gaining bearish potential: Aussie will have to face RBA next week, which generates some uncertainty, but bears have taken the lead in the longer run.

EUR/JPY upside limited by EUR weakness: Despite seen bullish, gains are seen limited by the lack of strength of the common currency, limited now to 139.00 in a 1 month view.


Trader’s eye on FX, short term

Valeria BednarikValeria Bednarik – Quiet consolidation for US session, RBA meeting next market mover.

EUR/USD: short lived respite by FXStreet

AUD/USD: All eyes on the RBA and GDP data this week by Growth Aces

GBPCHF - Fibonacci retracement 61.8 % on the test by ForexTrading.TV

Dzhafer Medzhakhed

AUDUSD: 0.9375−0.9390 on the upside, 0.9260−0.9275 on the downside

BETA - Propareos levels (areas where probabilities of price action reversal or...

Ajay Pankhania

BoE are expected to hold the base rate at 0.5%

With a 9% rise in house prices later this year and a 6% rise next year, the BoE should be worried about the...

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Kathleen Brooks

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During August there was a lot of account sapping sideways moves. Now, as we...

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Ivan FXStreet USD/JPY consolidates at 7-month highs $USDJPY #Forex
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Gus Farrow USD/JPY consolidates at 7-month highs $USDJPY #Forex
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