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Plenty of data from EZ and US next week

The last week of August won't lack entertainment, with plenty of data coming from Europe and the US. But beyond data, is pretty clear that the greenback is on a bullish trend, particularly against its European rivals...

Forex Weekly Outlook August 25−29

The dollar dominated once again, with multi−month gains against major currencies. Is it time for a correction or will this trend continue?

EUR/USD: 1.3000 psychological level comes at sight

The common currency found no relief this last week, but accelerated south after 3 weeks of limited ranges: the pair trades at fresh year lows, smashed by dollar strength, this last reinforced by Yellen's speech on Jackson Hole this Friday.

'BoE trying to avoid cuing aggressive speculation over first rate hike timing' − John Kicklighter, DailyFX

Governor Carney and the BoE adopted the game plan that the Fed had used back in June 2013 when it introduced hard targets. This was not meant to act as clear line on ‘when' they will act, rather it was likely adopted...


















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Dollar rally over? EUR and GBP sideways to bullish

Pair Average levels
1 Week 1 Month 1 Quarter
EURUSD 1.3236 1.3279 1.3216
GBPUSD 1.6558 1.6681 1.6734
USDJPY 103.75 104.30 104.97
USDCHF 0.9098 0.9113 0.9266
AUDUSD 0.9282 0.9205 0.9089
Pair Average levels
1 Week 1 Month 1 Quarter
USDCAD 1.0893 1.0964 1.1055
NZDUSD 0.8408 0.8476 0.8392
GBPJPY 172.62 173.45 176.08
EURJPY 138.01 138.55 139.56
EURGBP 0.8017 0.7967 0.7873

EUR/USD sideways, bullish, sideways: despite trading at fresh year lows, our poll shows experts don’t expect much more downside, but a recovery in a 1 month view.

GBP/USD not everything’s lost: Pound may test 1.6500, but the longer term perspective remains quite bullish, with 1.7000 still at sight.

USD/JPY downward correction expected ahead of new highs: trading around 104.00, the pair may ease some during next week, but resume the upside towards fresh highs above 105.00 afterwards.

AUD/USD bearish interest building up: Aussie steady below 0.9300 favors a continued decline against the greenback in a 3 month view.

EUR/JPY bullish but still limited: bulls outstood in EUR/JPY albeit gains above the 140.00 remain unclear.

Forex Live Analysis Room with Dale Pinkert

From Traders to Traders in Live Analysis

Forecast in currencies and commodities in the FXroom this week. Adam Constantinidis: GBP/USD at 1.8100 by 2015; constructive in CAC and FTSE; and Howard Friend: Remaining EUR/USD to 1.2600; Dow to 17,500.

Adam Constantinidas @Rectitudemarket

Howard Friend @Break_Retrace3

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