AUD/USD: Bearish sentiment, 0.86 potential draw on huge 3bln expiry

AUDUSD chart

AUD/USD printed a fresh low for the year at 0.8517, with AUD buyers fearing that the latest bear run may be the beginning of another significant leg down, judging by the ferocity of the drop from 0.8720 on Nov 21st to 0.8517 in a matter of days, as...

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AUD/JPY down 1.2 cents, bears eye 100.00

AUD/JPY's relentless uptrend rolled over for a second day in a row, something not seen since Oct 10, with Tuesday's sell-off - down 1.2 cents - towards a new 2-week low at 100.40 being the worst daily...

US PCE Deflator, UK 3Q GDP Revision Eyed − RBS

The FX Strategy Team at RBS breaks down the key economic reports to watch out for on Wednesday, including US PCE deflator and UK Q3 GDP revision.

AUD/NZD: Bears have upper hand, strong bids defend 1.09

AUD/NZD continues to hold an unambiguously more bearish outlook, with the rate pressing against formidable support at 1.09, with technicals indications - 50/20-day EMA crossover -, for now, suggesting...

Is Sterling making a come back? − FXStreet

Valeria Bednarik, chief analyst at FXStreet explained that the pound surged against the greenback up to 1.5735, stalling at the top of its recent range.

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Trader’s eye on majors, short term

Valeria Bednarik – With no data scheduled for Asian session, stocks will likely lead the way.

EUR/USD: correction aims to extend above 1.2500 by FXStreet

Gold and silver at key technical junctures by

US$ index, major top nearing? by FXA

Nadia Simmons

EUR/USD – Currency Bulls Don't Give Up

Earlier today, the Conference Board showed that its index of consumer confidence dropped to 88.7 in November, missing analysts’ expectations for ... FX−Men Team

4 Reasons Why the Loonie Is Going Strong

Wondering why the Loonie is appreciating even if oil prices keep dropping? Let’s see if the secret of its strength lies in Canada’s latest economic figures.

Technical Studies

Walter Peters

Wed, Nov 26, 10:00 GMT

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This is a chart very few private traders trade, and yet the...

Sam Seiden

Wed, Nov 26, 12:00 GMT

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During this session, Sam will share his profit target rules that help...

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EdMatts profile
Matt Weller, CMT #USDJPY: Strong GDP Fails to Invigorate Buck Bulls
01:16 GMT
EdMatts profile
Greg McKenna Here's How Big Data Is Revolutionising The Way The RBA Is Looking At Australian Mortgage Risk #ausbiz @cjoye
01:06 GMT
EdMatts profile
Ivan FXStreet AUD/USD: Bearish sentiment, 0.86 potential draw on huge 3bln expiry $AUDUSD #Forex
01:05 GMT
EdMatts profile
Gus Farrow LOOK: AUD/USD: Bearish sentiment, 0.86 potential draw on huge 3bln expiry $AUDUSD #Forex #FX
00:56 GMT
EdMatts profile
David Scutt RT @CallamPickering: Ugly looking construction data; capex tomorrow will be very interesting #ausbiz
00:52 GMT
EdMatts profile
zerohedge American Spring Night 2: Ferguson Militarized; NYC Lincoln Tunnel, Times Square Blocked; Minneapolis Mayhem; Ci...
00:52 GMT
EdMatts profile
David Scutt The CoreLogic RP Data home value index is pointing to an on-going slowing in house prices.... @TheKouk
00:52 GMT
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Pablo Piovano Banking’s toxic culture ‘will take generation to clean up’, says report TheGuardian
00:49 GMT
EdMatts profile
zerohedge RT @ChuBailiang: Police moving in to Nathan Road to prepare for clearance.
00:46 GMT
EdMatts profile
Greg McKenna RT @cmkusher: @JordanEliseo @gregorymckenna @BusInsiderAU it seems the OECD has forgotten what the RBA's charter is.
00:41 GMT
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Ivan FXStreet USD/JPY testing the downside on Tokyo open $USDJPY #Forex
00:40 GMT
EdMatts profile
Gus Farrow LOOK: USD/JPY testing the downside on Tokyo open $USDJPY #Forex #FX
00:40 GMT
EdMatts profile
zerohedge "The 14% plunge in Japan’s currency since mid-year has about run its course" Eisuke "Mr Yen" Sakakibara via BBG
00:39 GMT
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David Scutt Spot iron ore (58%) -50% in 2014. Now at $59.33 d/mt. Surprisingly little coverage given grades of some AU mines
00:39 GMT
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zerohedge Veto threat derails Reid tax deal and.... get to work Mr. Chairmanwoman
00:34 GMT
EdMatts profile
Greg McKenna Yeah Roight! RT @BusInsiderAU: OECD: Australia Needs To Lift Interest Rates To Deal With Housing Prices -
00:33 GMT
EdMatts profile
David Scutt All categories record declines in Q3. Residential -1.6%, Non-residential -0.1% and engineering -3.2% #ausbiz
00:31 GMT
EdMatts profile
Forex Crunch Australia Construction Work Done in 5 minutes, follow live here:
00:30 GMT
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David Scutt Australia Q3 construction work done -2.2% in Q3. -1.0% expected following -1.2% in Q2 #ausbiz
00:30 GMT
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OECD #China will see GDP growth drop from 7.3% growth in 2014 to 7.1% in 2015 & 6.9% in 2016 #OECD
00:27 GMT

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