EUR/USD Forecast: All eyes on last NFP ahead of Fed's September meeting

EURUSD chart

A quite volatile week drafts to an end, with the EUR/USD having completed a 500-pip round trip to above 1.1700 and now trading in negative ground for the week, on track to post its first loss in three. This weekend, central bankers are gathered in Jackson Hole Wyoming for the annual Symposium, with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen as the most important...

Current Trading Positions

EURUSD Order Entry SL TP
Mind Vision Traders LONG LMT @1.1110 1.1066 1.1312
GBPUSD Order Entry SL TP
Mind Vision Traders SHORT LMT @1.5617 1.5654 1.5272
Mind Vision Traders LONG LMT @1.5078 1.5037 1.5477
XAUUSD Order Entry SL TP
Mind Vision Traders SHORT LMT @1205.00 1218.90 1128.00
Mind Vision Traders LONG LMT @1103.00 1096.00 1128.00

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Pair Price Hour Day Week Month
AUDUSD 0.7166 0.07 -0.14 -2.06 -2.33
GBPUSD 1.5398 0.01 -0.08 -1.89 -1.40
EURUSD 1.1184 -0.19 -0.52 -1.77 1.09
USDJPY 121.32 0.03 0.24 -0.62 -1.82
USDCAD 1.3226 0.04 0.27 0.29 2.35

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