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Currency Converter


Currency Converter

Get detailed conversion rates with our When2Convert currency converter. The converter also allows you to set a target conversion and get up to date alerts right in your email so that you dont miss a trade opportunity!

Pivot Point Calculator

Calculate support and resistance levels for up to 4 pairs at the same time by entering the pairs high, low and close values. The tool returns pivot points, support, resistance and middle points using the formula you choose: Fibonacci, Camarilla, Classic or Woodie.

Fibonacci Calculator

With this tool you can calculate retracement and projection levels entering the starting and ending levels. Fibonacci is a very popular tool among technical traders to identify strategic places for targets and stoplosses.

Rate History Tool

Access historical data for exchange rates of your selected pair. You can view all historical rates within a day, going back up to 365 days. Particular price levels in a certain period identifies rate ranges in the market. This is an essential tool for all traders.

Carry Trade Calculator

Buy and sell with the highest interest rate. Get the interest you'll pay or be paid with your trades. The interest is calculated based on the duration and the size of your position. Capture the price appreciation or depreciation in a currency while also profiting from the interest differential.

Profit Calculator

This tool allows you to test different trading scenarios and estimate the amount of profit or loss that a potential trade may be worth.

Pip USD Value Calculator

This calculator enables you to seize a value of a single pip for major pairs. If you are using non−standard lots, you may input the size of your lot in the top cell. Press 'Update' to recalculate.

Market Timeline

This tool allows the trader to know which are the periods when two Forex trading sessions are overlapping. The best time to trade is in those periods when different market trading hours overlap, as liquidity increases significatively.

Conversion List

Get a quick conversion list of exchange rates for your selected pair.

Forex Heat Map

FX Heat Map provides a graphical representation of the relative strengths of major currencies relative to others, organizing the data from 20 currency pairs into color-coded results thus producing a clear overview of the whole Forex market.

Money Management Tools

Money Management Calculator

Money management calculator allows to manage your exposure across multiple trading positions in accordance with your money management strategy. This tool is designed specially for those who want to improve their money management.

Spread Cost Calculator

Have you ever asked yourself what is the impact of the spread on your trading? The following tool allows to quantify the spread impact depending on your trading style.

Risk Probability Calculator

Designed to work hand in hand with Fibonacci retracement levels, use this tool to calculate your probable risk

Units Available Calculator

The Units Available Calculator allows the trader to compute the maximum number of units that can be traded given the available margin.

Margin Calculator

The Margin Calculator allows to compute the margin you need to hold open positions. It's as simple as filling the Margin Ratio and the Number of units you are trading with.

Other Tools on FXStreet

Live Rates and Charts

Monitor the markets live with one of our live rates and charts. Try one of our most popular rates and chart tools: Streaming Forex Rates, Live Currency Charts, US Dollar index

Streaming Forex Rates

Streaming Forex Rates covers more than 1,000 rates. It presents high-frequency updated data directly coming from big interbank liquidity providers. This tool is specifically designed for traders demanding an excellent rates service. Fully customizable pair list, gold and Silver live quotes, ability to save settings and more.

Live Currency Charts

The Live Charts Window offers over 100 charts in real-time (including XAU/USD (Spot Gold) and XAG/USD (Spot Silver)), 15 different time frames and flexible line tools. It also presents a vast range of technical indicators as Linear Regression, CCI, Schaff Trend Cycle (exclusive), ADX and many more. You can detach the chart and see it full screen.

US Dollar index

The USD Index measures the performance of the US Dollar against a basket of currencies: EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, CHF and SEK. It includes 9 chart types, 1 up to 1,000 periods and a vast range of customizable technical indicators.

See all rates and charts

Economic Events Calendar

Live Economic Calendar

Updated live as soon as economic data is received, keep track of the upcoming economic events that have effect on exchange rates. Expand any item to view related news articles, historical data and market impact information.

Technical Studies

Currencies at a Glance

Monitor a pairs technical studies, including: support and resistances, technicals, moving averages, volatility watch, performance chart, heatmaps, among others. The tool is intended to be used as a control center for everything related to a single currency pair.

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Confluence Thermometer

1.1396-1.1430 Daily Classic PP R2
1.1361-1.1395 Yesterday's High Daily Classic PP R1
1.1326-1.1360 Weekly High Today's Open Monthly High Today's High YTD High Weekly Classic PP R1
1.1291-1.1325 15-Min SMA200 15-Min SMA100
1.1256-1.1290 Hourly EMA20 Yesterday's Low Hourly SMA100 Daily Classic PP S1
1.1255 Last Price
1.1254-1.1220 15-Min EMA20 Daily Classic PP S2
1.1219-1.1185 Today's Low
1.1184-1.1150 Weekly Low Daily Classic PP S3 Hourly SMA200

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