This article is taken from the Forex Journal, a special edition by Trader’s Journal magazine in Nov 2007.

The author is Darrell Jobman. He is Editor-in-Chief of www., a web site providing free information and education to traders. He is an acknowledged authority on the financial markets and has been writing about them for more than 35 years.

  • Darrell Jobman provides quality information about the benefits and pitfalls of trading foreign currencies:

With the U.S. dollar under pressure following the Federal Reserve Board’s about-face on cutting interest rates in September and the resulting new highs against the U.S. dollar made by the Canadian dollar, euro, Swiss franc and other currencies, the Forex markets have gotten a lot of attention from traders lately.
The ramifications of dropping the Fed fund and discount rates by 50 basis points have been felt in prices for gold, oil, grains and a number of other commodities.

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