Resistance: 1.5165 moderate/1.5219 strong/1.5307 moderate

Support: 1.5077 minor/1.5023 minor

We have a low level bullish reversal pattern in Hourly GBPUSD charts, Hammer. Look for a possible technical correction. Consider buys if the pattern is confirmned with stops ideally under 1.5077. The immediate objective will be a push for 1.5165 break of which opens us to a reversal for a move to the 1.5219, the daily Pivot Point.

XAUUSD Bearish Harami 4-Hour Chart

Resistance: 1601.64 minor/1618.51 minor

Support: 1588.72 moderate/1571.85 strong/1558.93 moderate

We have a low level bearish reversal, Bearish Harami in XAUUSD charts. Market is in an uptrend while the pattern is just above a moderate support at 1588.72. Short on a close below the said price for a push to 1571.85, break of which suggests a reversal for 1558.93. Stops should be placed above the patterns high.

USDCHF Three Inside Up Hourly Chart

Resistance: 0.9271 moderate/0.9302 strong/0.9338 moderate

Support: 0.9235 minor/0.9204 minor

USDCHF is in a bear market with prices just under a moderate resistance level, 0.9271. Hourly charts however have a high credibility bullish reversal pattern, Three Inside Up. Given its proximity a close above 0.9271 should be seen before taking a buy, the immediate objective will be the daily pivot point at 0.9302, break of which should see 0.9338. Stops should be placed below the pattern low.

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