• This article, written by Patric Tengelin is taken from the FX Trader Magazine (JAN/MARCH 2013 issue).

In the stock market, the ultimate stock to day trade is whichever best fits your trading style and produces enough profits to buy 100 new shares faster than trading any other stock. We are market technicians and our favourite FX pair is the EUR/USD on the 30-minute chart. Technical analysis is not so much about the actual lines on the chart as it is trading the reaction of other traders at those lines.

By the end of this article you will have a clear understanding of how to eliminate the guesswork in trading and always be on the right side of the market. 

This particular strategy will appeal to reactive traders who do not front run price action. The entries will be inferior but the hit rate superior. The equity curve will not be subject to the wild swings s o m e t i m e s experienced by anticipatory traders who constantly try to pick tops and bottoms but before we get into the meat of the strategy and when it is most profitable we need to make a few assumptions. We will list days when you should not trade at all and then talk about the time of day when you should look for setups. You will also learn about the key numbers for the EUR/ USD and how they constantly show up as support and resistance. Throughout the article we will give examples of the mechanics behind price movements and how to interpret price action, but let us first talk about indicators.