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Phil Carr

Fri, Oct 31, 11:00 GMT

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Join professional traders Phil Carr and Nik Kalsi of The Gold and Silver Club as they review the latest developments in the commodities markets and...

Giuseppe Basile, CMT

Tue, Nov 4, 12:00 GMT

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I will provide a brief introduction to HFT (High Frequency Trading) and some...

Nenad Kerkez

Tue, Nov 4, 14:00 GMT

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Every serious trader needs to know both basic and advanced price action tools. Trend...

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Fed Live Coverage Steve Ruffley

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Zaheer Anwari

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Zaheer Anwari is a full time trader. Using technical analysis, he has mastered how to repeatedly take advantage of long term trends in minutes a day using the daily and weekly time frame.

Zaheer presents one webinar every month. Go to his page to check his upcoming webinars!


Upcoming Live Events Type* Sponsored by:
Oct 31, 11:00 GMT Phil Carr WBN
Nov 03, 10:00 GMT Will Hunting WBN
Nov 04, 11:00 GMT George Hallmey WBN
Nov 04, 12:00 GMT Giuseppe Basile, CMT WBN
Nov 04, 14:00 GMT Nenad Kerkez WBN
Nov 04, 15:00 GMT Adam Daniel WBN
Nov 05, 15:00 GMT Yohay Elam WBN
Nov 06, 11:30 GMT Steve Ruffley WBN Sponsored by:
Nov 06, 12:15 GMT Mark De La Paz WBN
Nov 06, 14:00 GMT Premium Webinar Navin Prithyani WBN
Nov 06, 15:00 GMT Zaheer Anwari WBN
Nov 07, 12:30 GMT Wayne McDonell WBN Sponsored by:
Nov 07, 16:00 GMT Andrei Knight WBN
Nov 11, 12:00 GMT Jason Sen WBN
Nov 12, 17:00 GMT Andrei Knight WBN


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#3 James Chen, CMT - High-Probability Trend-Following Entries and Exits

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