This article is taken from the Forex Journal, a special edition by Trader’s Journal magazine in Nov 2007.

The author is  Boris Schlossberg, who is the Senior Currency Strategist for He is the co-author of Amazon’s #1 investing book Millionaire Traders – How Every Day People Beat Wall Street at its Own Game

  • Boris Schlossberg shows how to exploit the ‘stop hunters’ in the Forex markets using a simple, mechanical method that only requires a price chart and one indicator

Foreign exchange is the most leveraged financial market in the world. In equities, standard margin is set at 2 to 1, which means that a trader must put up at least $50 cash to control $100 worth of stock. In options, the leverage increases to 10 to 1 with $10 controlling $100. In the futures markets, the leverage factor is increased to 20 to 1. For example, in a Dow Jones futures e-mini contract, a trader only needs $2,500 to control $50,000 worth of the index.

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