Actionable Trading Strategies of Top Market Pro’s



This ebook was created to deliver a variety of actionable trading strategies from a selection of our favorite trading educators and traders.

Whatever instrument or timeframe you trade, the ebook will provide you with concrete ideas to test and apply.

Trading with consistent success is one of the most challenging endeavors an individual can undertake and the majority of new traders fail.

This ebook provides a rare opportunity to apply the experience of seasoned professionals as they share some of their best ideas and strategies.

Each of these experienced traders, market analysts and writers have contributed a chapter written from their unique perspective on the markets:

- James Chen, CMT, CTA: 'The Deep Pullback'
- Tim Racette: 'How to Profit from Market Retracements'
- Matt Blackman, CMT: 'Are You Trading with the Right Stuff? Successful Traders Possess Key Traits that Separate Them from the Herd'
- Matt Blackman, CMT is the host of TradeSystemGuru.com.
- Kathy Lien: 'Forex – How to Trade News'
- Michael Carr, CMT: 'Testing Simple Strategies: MACD Works and Futures are Rewarding'
- Jason Alan Jankovsky: 'Catch a Falling Knife…'
- Dave Landry: 'The Power of Persistency, Trading Persistent Pullbacks'
- Andrei Knight: 'Leading Signals with Lagging Indicators?'
- Derek Frey 'One Traders Journey'
- Ann C. Logue: 'Managing Money to Stay in the Market'
- Robert A. Green, CPA: 'The Basics of Trader Tax'

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